Angry Birds 2 Movie hindi dubbed version launchedThe king of Indian comedy Kapil Sharma along with his rib-tickler friend  Kiku Sharda and  laughter queen Archana Puran Singh are back in action, this time in the most awaited animation sequel  ’Angry Birds – 2 Movie’, hindi dubbed version.

What we can expect on 23rd August 2019 when the film releases is a Punjabi Tadka to this desi story which is dubbed in Hindi for the fans of Ángry Birds across the country.

In a twist that is sure to surprise, the flightless birds join forces with their green piggy rivals to take on a new threat Zeta, a scheming purple plummed bird of prey who has planned to take over both the Bird Island and the Piggy Island.

But can they together save the day ?  Angry Birds 2 Movie– Enemies to Frenimies takes us on this new adventure!

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Besides the Hollywood version in English the film also releases in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu across India.

Angry Birds 2 Movie is a 2019 computer animated comedy film based on Rovio Entertainments’ Angry Birds video game series, produced by Columbia Pictures, Rovio Animation and Sony Picture Animation and distributed by Sony Pictures releasing.