Give a girl the right kind of shoe and she can conquer the world —- Marilyn Monroe.  

Now this quote definitely applies to how fashion can influence a woman.  Shoes have evolved from being a personal necessity to becoming fashion statements. A good pair of shoe sets the mood for the day besides adding finishing touch to the outfit you wearing.

And it also holds very  true for Sneha Kapoor the dynamic entrepreneur and lady behind Mubo Shoes, a fashion footwear specialist.

sneha kapoor
Sneha Kapoor of Mubo Shoes

Sneha Kapoor – Founder and Director of Mubo Shoes started her journey in June 2017, when she quit her corporate job to follow her heart in fashion.

Being a Human Resource professional gave her an astute sense of recognizing the needs and desires of people, so when her own passion in the business of fashion beckoned she quit her corporate job to start her own brand – giving birth to Mubo Shoes!

“I love what I am doing now, at my pace, pursuing every element of my dream” says Sneha.  “At Mubo shoes we offer quality combined with a personal touch,  from fancy cocktail parties to casual outings, we’ve got you covered with footwear for all occasions.”

Today Mubo Shoes, is slowly edging forward, providing style conscious customers with innovative shoes to suit every occasion.  The brand prides itself for its product range which denotes ‘Handcrafted for comfort’ –  which is the bedrock on which every shoe is built.

Here each fabric has been handpicked to design a meticulous blend for the right look and right comfort. Every well-crafted block heels and ballerinas are for women who want to make a statement.  You can ditch your 6 inches’ stilettos, and shift to a trendy and stylish block and platform heels, that compliments your outfit and make it a fun and fancy night.

From Flats, Block & Platform heels, Casual Slip-ons to Ballerinas, Mubo Shoes is about authenticity and embracing individuality. The  shoes are comfort driven, with on-trend fashion elements. There’s always a perfect pair for every combination of personality, event, and activity.

Mubo Shoes also takes the issue of animal cruelty with utmost significance and are animal friendly.


I got myself a pair of their popular victorian mules and am pretty pleased with them as they go well with most of my outfits and are comfortable – besides they are just soooo pretty.

Go ahead and order your pair here …


Vini, my pretty young cousin who globe trots in her role as a Flight Attendant for an international airline couldn’t resist in indulging in the popular black knot me flats which looks extremely chic and can be worn with any  Indian and Western wear.   Not to forget they super comfortable.

So kick-off 2019 in style with a shopping expedition online

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