The world has been fascinated by Royalty – both onscreen and off-screen. Their opulent way of life, the rules of engagement with the royals, their lifestyle including – fashion, food has always intrigued the common man.

Bringing this very magic to the digital screen is The Viral Fever’s brand-new non-fiction show ‘The Royal Palate’ in association with Behrouz Biryani, which will feature celebrated Chef Kunal Kapur as he takes viewers along on an insider’s journey into India’s regal culinary heritage.

The focus of the series is to show viewers what led to the invention of royal delicacies from members of the royal families themselves who will also be seen participating in the series.

The Royal Palate will go live on Thursday, 16th May on TVFPlay and The Timeliners, where Chef Kunal Kapur will take viewers on a royal journey across the country as he visits Royal Kitchens from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and many more cooking up a storm while being privy to anecdotes from members of the royal families themselves.

The series will also feature popular influencers such as Chef Sarah Todd, Choreographer Melvin Louis, Actors – Barkha Singh, Kunwar Kumar, Ahsaas Channa along with Jordindians Vineeth ‘Beep’ Kumar and artist Nasser Al Azzeh who will join Chef Kunal Kapur on this majestic adventure!

Speaking about The Royal Palate, Chef Kunal Kapur said, “India has an extremely rich history and even today there are several royal families that follow culinary traditions passed down for generations. Knowing the origins of such fantastic food traditions, anecdotes and stories associated with them is absolutely riveting. As someone who is constantly researching Indian food and culture, Behrouz Biryani and TVF’s The Royal Palate has been a journey of discovery for me. I hope the viewers enjoy the show as they get to learn about India’s royal culinary heritage through it.”


Discovering new foods and cuisines is one of the key delights for the Instagram generation and The Royal Palate will help young people discovery foods they might not have heard of while at the same time taking them on a visually fascinating royal journey. TVF continues to deliver on its promise of constant innovation and after giving us webseries as Yeh Meri Family, Permanent Roommates, Humorously Yours, Pitchers and Tripling, along with some hard-hitting satire such as TMO and Barely Speaking with Arnub. Royal Palate falls perfectly in line with their vision of disrupting online content.

The attempt with the partnership with Behrouz Biryani is to partner with a brand which believes that gastronomy is a combination of art history and science – one which once lost to the world, is an irreparable loss to the senses. The Royal Palate is thus like a museum of gustation, quite like manna from the Behrouz stable for all our viewers

Follow the path of the Royal Palate on  TVFPlay and The Timeliners starting on 16th May