Chef Vicky Ratnani, one of India’s finest along with actress Kashishh Rajput, and dynamic entrepreneur Alberto Bestonso – have launched Speak Burgers by Vicky Ratnani, a premium burger brand. The three highly-regarded individuals from diverse fields have come together to realize their shared vision of re-imagining and revolutionizing the food space. For years, burgers have been everybody’s personal favourite – cutting across age groups, from all walks of life. Out of this ever-growing appetite for burgers coupled with the three partner’s love for burgers, Speak Burgers was born.

Currently nestled in the leafy streets of Pali Hill Bandra, Chef Vicky and Team plan to expand this delivery brand across the city and then across the country to bring premium gourmet burgers to everyone’s plates at affordable rates. Speak Burgers aims to deliver excellent quality food using only the freshest ingredients possible in their burgers. Everything – from the Brioche, Peppered Potato Buns to the sauces, pickles, and the condiments used in the burgers – are prepared freshly in-house to maintain the highest quality in every product.

All their 100% hormone and antibiotic-free meats are grilled on charcoal to ensure it is cooked to perfection and bursting with a distinct smokey flavour. The team procures fresh, top-quality produce from carefully selected vendors for an utterly indulgent burger. Furthermore, each burger is prepared on order, making sure that customers can relish the freshness and rich, intricate flavour of each element used to dish them up.

Speak Burgers elevates conventional burgers to newer heights by giving them an innovative spin. Their menu includes a wide array of mouth-watering burgers for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The non-vegetarian burger menu consists of some of Chef Vicky’s signature personal favourites like the Harissa Lamb Burger, Baja Style Beer Batter Fish Burger and the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger served in freshly baked Brioche Buns.

For vegetarians, Chef Vicky has crafted a special menu consisting of Italian Grilled Veg Burger, Mother Earth Mushroom Burger, Pesto Paneer Burger, to name a few, which are served in a unique light, Peppered Potato Bun. While the burgers are indulgent, fresh and bursting with flavour, the sides are equally appetizing. One can choose from three types of Guilt-free Chicken Wings, which are not fried but grilled on coal, Crispy Succulent Chicken, and Paneer Fingers served with lip-smacking sauces are also big hits; although the super crisp Kettle Chips and Mango Jalapeno Ketchup wins hands down.

An exquisite aroma wafting through the air accompanies every serving of the piping-hot burgers, thereby delighting the senses of a burger connoisseur. At the same time affordable; the gourmet burgers are more than a “Value for Money” deal.

Speaking about the launch of Speak Burgers, Chef Vicky Ratnani said, “In recent times, consumers are well-travelled and recognize and appreciate various flavour profiles. So, instead of categorizing burgers as street food, people have slowly upped their choices and moved toward gourmet burgers. We, at Speak Burgers, have thoughtfully curated the menu, ensuring the use of fresh and quality ingredients, house-made sauces, pickles, and artisanal buns. What makes our burgers even more special is that they are made with a lot of love and are delicious, big, messy, absolutely affordable, and they “Speak” for themselves.