The winter season is around the corner. Just like adults kids also need some extra care skin care during the winter season. Babies have delicate skin which can get affected easily by the harsh weather. With the change in weather, we  need to make modifications to protect the extremely delicate skin on newborns. Hence, in order to ensure complete protection for little ones, Chicco has come up with the complete winter skin range for babies.

Massage Oil

  • It is Made of Natural Rice bran oil which contains Omega-3 &Omega-6 for complete nourishment of baby’s skin.
  • No Paraffin’s or Mineral oil
  • Non-sticky formula & enriched with glycerin
  • Can be used for baby’s hair & body massage
  • Very ideal to remove “Cradle cap” – a skin condition with rough, scalpy patches in the middle & front of the head

Body Lotion

  • Packed with all essential ingredients necessary for keeping the newborn’s skin velvety soft & tender
  • Loaded with Rich Almond milk to deeply nourish baby’s skin
  • It is non-sticky and quickly absorbs in baby skin to moisturise faster
  • Also contains Vitamin E and glycerin to add extra moisture needed for baby’s skin.

Rich cream

  • Extra rich formula which helps in deep nourishment of baby’s skin
  • Highly riched Omega-3 and Vitamin E to restore the hydrolipidic barrier of dry skin
  • Loaded with Shea Butter to give extra nourishment to baby’s skin in all seasons