pizza runSo how do u make your Sunday morning interesting?

Enjoy the cheat day with your diet, yet remain guilt free ?

. . . Well this issue was settled by a bunch of science/fitness enthusiasts  who also bond over food!

An idle remark on a lazy February afternoon between Anand Bhatia, Chris D’Souza and a few friends back in 2018 set the tone for the nation’s 1st ever Pi Day Run, or what is now popularly known as the ‘Pizza Run‘.

The Pizza Run 2020 will see people from across the city and different walks of life head to Lokhandwala, the popular neighbourhood of B-Towners in Mumbai.

“Running events are usually serious stuff, all very grown up and often children are missing. We thought of a Pizza Run as a great way to mix Running, Some Fun and Family time under a 7 am sun” , Chris D’Souza says , adding with a grin “ For me it’s about running behind my 1st love……Pizza”.


And so buoyed by the confidence of a group of volunteers (all avid runners – a mix of Iron Men/ Women, Full Marathoners, Half Marathoners and Cyclists) the run turned to be an instant hit, slowly gaining momentum with word of mouth publicity among the participants and enthusiast.  Today, in its third edition, it already has some great line up of people registering for the run.

Rodeo Pizza whose 1st Pizza outlet in Versova, in the suburbs was a just a few weeks old joined in as their partner. Today, the pizza brand has opened its 2nd outlet in the city.

“π is such a big part of our lives and this is our fun way of honouring it. This year we have a bunch of kids attempting to recite the value of Pi to the 50th place! So looking forward to it” says Anand Bhatia. This should make maths more fun than what it already is!

The π run attracts folks from all ages, different backgrounds, all united by the prospect of quality fun, bonding, and some exercise. Last year the run saw 150+ enthusiastic participants. The run on 15th March 2020 is expected to attract 200 + excited runners!

pizza 4

All it takes is the 1st Step !!!

To set the tone for the run Coach Devender of Fitzone will put the participants through some warm ups. ( This may just trigger a few more to take up recreational running.

pizza run poster

So join in! Dig in!  It’s worth every Pi spent!

Date : 15th March 2020 

Reporting Time : 6:45am              Start Time : 7am 

Location : Starting point : Love & Latte @ Lokhandwala back road

Registration : Rs.250/ per person

To register click on the form

Fun fact – What is the volume of a cylinder of radius Z and height A?

Answer – PiZZA!!!!!!!

*For administrative convenience, the Pizza Run is hosted on a suitable Sunday around 14th March.   This March 2020, the Pizza Run takes place on 15th March.