~ Karnika to offer homecoming discount of 15 per cent for Diwali, Christmas and New Year vacations

Karnika offers dedicated Jain food cuisine

Special cabins and facilities for senior citizens and differently abled passengers

FotoJet (9)Karnika, India’s first premium cruise ship by Jalesh Cruises is arriving back in Mumbai on September 19 to sail to new and unexplored Indian cruise destinations – Ganpatipule in Maharashtra and Diu.  Jalesh Cruises, India’s first multi-destination cruise line is celebrating the homecoming of the ship with a 15 per cent discount to guests for Diwali, Christmas and New Year vacations.

The 70, 285 ton, 14 deck white beauty will take to the blue Indian waters from September 20 with its first itinerary to Goa. Karnika will become the first domestic cruise ship to take guests to Ganpatipule in Maharashtra in October and Diu in November.

Jurgen Bailom, President & CEO, Jalesh Cruises said, “We are extremely excited to offer new and unexplored cruise destinations to our guests in India. Being India’s first premium cruise line, we are focused on offering our guests the best of the country’s vast coastline. Karnika will be the first domestic ship to sail to Ganpatipule in Maharashtra and Diu, thereby opening up new cruising frontiers in India for our guests to enjoy and for others to follow.”

Karnika will be sailing from Mumbai to Muscat, Oman for a Diwali and Christmas special itineraries and it will sail from Dubai to Mumbai for the New Year trip.

Karnika has received an overwhelming response from its 15 sailings earlier this year in Mumbai and during its four-month sail in the Middle East.

Karnika undertook its maiden sail from Mumbai to Goa on April 17. In keeping with the maritime tradition, Karnika, meaning a ‘celestial nymph’ was transferred to the water in a gala ceremony held earlier this year on April 19.

On board the ship, passengers have a variety of cuisines, entertainment, adventure and relaxation to choose from. Additionally, the cruise offers land based excursions at different ports for passengers.

Features of Karnika

The ship has three fine dining restaurants, which includes Indian cuisine at Waterfront and Chef’s Table and Thai, Malay, Korean, Mongolian, Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines at Chopstix. The ship also hosts nine different buffet and food stations offering a variety of delicacies ranging from street food, barbeque, international grill to patisserie and frozen desserts. Karnika has a dedicated cuisine for Jain passengers.

There are nine bars on board the ship to offer a full range of bar menu and international premium spirits.

Karnika provides a host of on board entertainment for children as well as adults. The ship will offer Broadway shows, Burlesque performances, casino, music and dance nights, movie screenings and adventure activities among others.

The ship offers features that make it convenient and easy for senior citizens and differently abled passengers to enjoy the cruise.

Karnika is also the first Indian ship to provide therapeutic relaxation facilities on the high seas. The on board Spa offers a host of aromatic and natural techniques for relaxation. A state-of-the-art fitness studio and multi-purpose salon facilities are also available to passengers.

Karnika is also equipped with state-of-the-art venue, modern technology and 24×7 Wi-Fi access, which coupled with exotic cuisine and international hospitality will offer the best corporate parties, off-sites as well as family celebrations.

Jalesh Cruises has initiated bookings for its 2019 itineraries on its website www.jaleshcruises.com or directly through its holiday advisors at 1800 266 8927 in addition to its Sales Business Partners. 

Jalesh Cruises is the owner and operator of India’s premiere cruise liner – Karnika, which commenced operations from April 17th in Mumbai. Jalesh Cruises, an  Essel Group venture, is India’s first multi-destination cruise line that has world class entertainment shows, activities and exotic authentic cuisines packed with international hospitality on the high sea. The cruise is designed & customized especially for the Indian audience and also for the foreigners visiting India to experience the flavor of Indian culture, food & hospitality.