inox mxdMovie-goers in India can now enjoy the adrenaline rush of the movie scenes as their MX4D seats rumble, tickle or nudge as the side walls theatre heaves out atmospheric effects like snowflakes, rain drops, fog or bubbles.

Taking the brand promise of “LIVE the MOVIE” to an all new level, INOX has launched India’s first MX4D® EFX Theatre at the existing INOX multiplex at Inorbit Mall at Malad in Mumbai today.

Present at the launch were acclaimed actor Richa Chadha, Mr. Alok Tandon, Chief Executive Officer, INOX Leisure Ltd and Mr. Mark Kamiyama, Global Head – Sales, Media Mation Inc.

MX4D®, MediaMation Inc.’s newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience, provides a totally immersive environment, where the viewers can “feel” the action on the screen from the built-in motion and effects in the seats and theatre walls and enhance the movie experience.

The theatre seats will move in sync with the movie action and special EFX generators in the cinema, allowing one to “feel” the movie’s motion, jolts, pokes, wind, water and even scents. The in-seat features like neck-tickler, back poker, air blast, water blast, seat popper, rumbler, leg-tickler etc. along with the theatre’s atmospheric interventions like snow, fog, rain, bubbles, strobe and scent will leave the audience enthralled and spell bound with the flawlessly synchronized timing of each effect.

Alok Tandon, Chief Executive Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd said, “Thanks to this innovative technology, our patrons will now be able to feel and immerse in every act of the movie. With the precisely programmed MX4D® effects, each shot would be far more engaging and entertaining. We have been making constant endeavors on the technology front to elevate the cinematic experience and strengthen our association with our patrons. We are delighted to add one more cinema format to our plex at Inorbit Mall in Malad, Mumbai.”

Alok Tandon CEO INOX Richa Chadha Actor and Mark Kamiyama Seen at Launch of Indias First MX4D Theatre at INOX Inorbit Malad

Actress Richa Chadha added, “Technology innovations are always so exciting. What’s special about MX4D is that it is seamlessly immersive and pulls you right into the movie plot. Each of these 4D effects are so well programmed that you actually end up feeling that you are a part of the scene. As an industry person, all I can say is that any such innovation, which enhances the movie experience of the Indian movie lover, is welcome. Such advancements will excite the producers as well and would motivate them to revolutionize the movie making process”.  

Mark Kamiyama, Global Head – Sales, MediaMation and Luxin-Rio International said while demonstrating the seat and theatre effects, “It’s truly fantastic for MediaMation to be working with such an innovative and customer focused exhibitor like INOX.  Their commitment to delivering a stellar experience for their patrons makes them the perfect partner to bring our MX4D solution to India. We are well aware of the passionate affection that Indian movie lovers have towards their cinema entertainment, and we hope that we live up to their expectations with our technology.”

Inox guests can enhance their favourite  ‘Avengers Endgame’ movie experience with the MX4D technology at India’s first MX4D screen at Inorbit Mall Malad. For tickets log onto

INOX currently operates across 67 cities in India through 578 screens at 140 multiplexes.