His showmanship has set him as a frontrunner in highlighting various social issues through this films in the country.  With his creative prowess, Director and Entrepreneur, Subhash Ghai has contributed in making meaningful cinema.

Once again, the showman is doing his bit by contributing to social and national causes together with the students of his Institute Whistling Woods International.  This time Subhash Ghai and the Mumbai film industry were given the responsibility by the forest minister, Sudhir Mungantiwar to start a tree plantation campaign in Maharashtra.

Ghai took the responsibility and has made wonderful short films on the tree plantation campaign. The PSAs produced by Whistling Woods International, Mumbai showcase various celebrities planting trees and leading by example.

A song has been composed by the students of Whistling Woods International, School of Music, with the lyrics and concept being his own.   Two short films will be shown in major theatres across Maharashtra.   As a part of the campaign initiated by the Govt. of Maharashtra films with different compositions will be played every month, for the next one year.

Commenting on the initiative and his contribution towards the society Mr. Ghai said, “We should never forget, our responsibility towards our nation and the society we live in.  Even the smallest act can go a long way and yield huge returns. We need to preserve our environment to live a peaceful life for us and our future children.” He continued, “ I am delighted that the audience is loving our short films on the tree plantation. Here, I have to congratulate our students for bringing my concepts alive on screen – musically and visually.   There will be many more Videos, Animation.  Classical ragas. English rap, and so on.”

The films are all produced by Subhash Ghai and the team of talented members of Whistling Woods and music school with the participation of the celebrities, of course.

In the 90’s, Subhash Ghai had made a short film Pyaar ki Ganga Bahe, based on communal harmony with star kids Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and other ‘A’ list stars, including Aamir Khan and Rajnikanth. The film conveyed a strong and positive message to the masses and is still very popular on YouTube. 

Also, in mid-1994, Ghai was assigned to write and direct a stage show,  celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema by the I&B ministry. Subhash Ghai came up with the most memorable stage show, Cinema Cinema 100 at NSCI Mumbai. He staged 42 film stars, 200 dancers and 150 musicians live. The first of its kind India had ever seen. 

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