The 5th edition of “Little Hearts Marathon 2018” was announced by Ness Wadia, MD of Wada Group at the Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children. 

Ness wadia announce little heart marathon to help pediartic heart cases3

More than 100 patients with successful surgeries were present to give a ray of hope to children with Congenital Heart diseases awaiting treatment. Kin of the patients awaiting financial support also shared their ordeal.

“The treatment of 100,000 babies born each year with major congenital heart disease calls for extraordinary efforts and support. Every life matters and every rupee counts, in ensuring a healthy future of the children. ” said Mr. Ness Wadia, MD, Wadia Group.

Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO Wadia Hospitals Said “The aim of the Little Hearts Marathon is to ‘Save hearts, Save Lives,’ the funds received last year helped save lives of more than 200 children suffering from complex cardiac diseases. This year, they aim to help more than 500 children from the funds; almost 50 patients are in the fray at Wadia Hospital to receive treatment. The Cardiac Surgery Department within Wadia Hospital was inaugurated in April 2017, till now it has successfully managed to perform 200 surgeries of children who are not financially stable with 100% success rate.”

“Many children with congenital heart diseases are in the waiting list due to lack of funds. As symptoms for congenital heart diseases begin at 1 or 2 months of age, often the diagnosis of the same is missed; making it the biggest reason for increased mortality and morbidity,” said Dr Bodhanwala, CEO Wadia Hospitals.

In the last five years, the Little Heart Marathon has played a huge role to seek support, contribute and donate for a noble cause.

Their main aim is to create awareness about cardiac surgery programs and hence plans to take it forward to other cities as well and help children from cities other than Mumbai.   

For registration contact  9821941985 or visit website.

LITTLE HEARTS MARATHON – Date: 7th January 2018

Event categories

Wish Run

Dream Run

Delight Run

Age categories

7 to 10 years

11 to 14 years

15 to 18 years

Race Distances

1.0 Km

2.5 Km

5 Km

Fees(Child Participant)

Rs. 500/-

Rs. 500/-

Rs. 500/-


Race Venue: M.M.R.D.A Ground, BKC, Mumbai

Starting Time: 7.30 am

Reporting Time: 7.00 am