~From Protection to Fragrances, the brand has you covered for your best Summer Skin~

Every year summer takes a toll on the skin. The blazing heat, pollution, and humidity wipes-off the natural glow and can occasionally induce infection. To address these issues, your skin needs some extra TLC during this period. Crazy Owl – Your Skin Co, a personal care brand, offers the perfect summer care collection to add to your must-try list – from perfumes, and body sprays to summer hair care, the brand has you covered with all essentials.

A common practice people follow has been towards focusing their attention on facial skin while neglecting the rest of the body. It is equally crucial to have a comprehensive summer care routine that includes the body. Summer fragrances have a scent profile that is more refreshing, energy-boosting, and sweet. Crazy Owl’s Aqua Musk EDP and Fashion Oud EDP are the perfect picks for this summer. It is carefully curated and gender-neutral with an invigorating energy infused with natural oils and coconut-derived emollients. Crazy Owl’s Mint Tea Tree and Juicy Lemon Body Wash nurturing, leaves skin fresh, moisturized, and delicately scented to beat the heat.

As much as we adore summer it’s vital to remember that the season can be quite challenging for our hair. Warm temperatures, humidity, and regular contact with moisture can leave us feeling greasy and weighed down, making it even more difficult to keep a fresh and healthy appearance. Crazy Owl’s Date Seed Hair Oil is infused with essential Vitamin E ideal for hair that is dry, brittle, and damaged. It can be used for routine hair massage, as an overnight mask before showering, and even as an after-shower style treatment. It works best when paired with the Crazy Owl Date Seed Shampoo and Conditioner.

A healthy lifestyle includes taking care of one’s body and skin. If you invest time and effort in your body care routine, you are more likely to make better choices. Indulge in a little piece of sunshine with Crazy Owl’s summer collection. Created with passion and consciousness, our luxurious, vegan, and sustainable brand offers a thoughtfully curated selection of products that will bring joy to your day and peace to your senses. “So why not make Crazy Owl your go-to source for all your summer beauty needs !!! ” say Damanjit Kohli and Karishma Sahni, Founders of Crazy Owl.

About Crazy Owl :

Crazy Owl is a personal care brand that was established in 2022. Damanjit Kohli and Karishma Sahni founded it after a decade of business experience in the industry. The brand combines sensory awakening, the marvels of nature, and scientific prowess, making it one of the few brands in the country that are intended for consumers of all ages and genders