Throughout the majority of the twentieth century, beauty products were majorly designed for women with fair skin. Today, beauty standards have changed dramatically over-time. From simple black kohl for the eyes or beetroot flush for the cheeks to creating art on the face – makeup has come a long way. It has become more ‘inclusive’ in nature with a wide range for all skin tones, types and ages.

Keeping the ever-evolving makeup space in mind, Studiowest by Westside recently announced the launch of an exclusive makeup range: RANI. With the launch of this new collection, the brand is once again putting the spotlight on beauty with pops of colour. The collection is inspired by Generation Z which celebrates different versions of a Rani – Rule Breaking, Rebel, Risqué, Radiant, and Romantic.

The Rani range has taken an inspiration from the GenZ. This is mainly because of their ideological leanings as they value self-expression, individuality, and inclusiveness. They mobilize themselves for several causes and rebel standard norms that has been set by the society. With fun and captivating packaging, Rani is an homage to the freethinkers of the times.

For this collection, StudioWest collaborated with start-up agencies like Whoa Mama Designs for fascinating packaging. This packing is an ode to retro matchboxes meshed up with unexpected colours. They also collaborated with Vivaci Luxury as their branding and marketing agency; both these agencies employ a GenZ crowd.

Speaking on the collection, Umashan Naidoo, Head of Customer & Beauty at Westside said, “We are thrilled to launch Rani, an exclusive makeup range by Studiowest. Rani is a range for anyone who loves a pop of colour. It is inclusive, bold, sassy, and creative. The idea behind the launch is to break all rules in creating new contemporary looks. The beauty enthusiasts can now shop the range available across select Westside stores.”

On collaboration with Whoa Mama Designs and Vivaci Luxury, Umashan added, “We collaborated with Whoa Mama Design, a Chennai based design-company to best depict our products with super fun and engaging packaging. Delhi-based Vivaci Luxury gratified the vision behind this range through a campaign shoot. In the future, we hope to collaborate with more emerging agencies and artists that largely employ Gen Z.”

Talking about the packaging, Shaun D’sa, Creative Head of Whoa Mama Design said, “The Rani range bears a very appealing visual identity. A retro mood: as the name suggests, we gathered inspiration for typography, elements from the vintage matchbox era, looking closely at the design language of standard fireworks, as well as retro Indian cinema. With fashion being cyclical, what was old will always be new. The Rani range, with its vibrant colours and eye-catching designs, is youthful and right on trend.”

The collection includes Eye Shadow Duo Palettes, Colourful Eye Liners, a Face Palette, Lip Gloss, Liquid Lip Colour, Lipsticks, and Nail Polishes, the price-point of the collection starts at Rs. 195 to Rs. 595.