Children’s Day is all about celebrating innocence and bliss! One which is recognized and celebrated all around the world, the cheer of joy, giggles and playful banter of the kids adds much joy to the surroundings.

Sony YAY! kids’s top destination for their favourite toons, non-stop masti and non-stop mazYAY! recently hosted a special meet and greet with the kids’ favourite toon characters – Oggy and Honey Bunny. The event was held at KidZania, at RCity, Mumbai.

Young fans got an exclusive chance to meet and shake a leg with their favourite toons, watched never seen before episodes of their favourite shows and role played many professionals at this interactive indoor city. Kids could role play being a Pet Rescue Agents, Dentists, Journalist, Pilot, Artist, Chocolatier, Fireman, Police, Actor and so much. It was a day of spreading smiles and cheers among these delightful kids.

Voice Maestro – Mubeen Saudagar was also seen at the event interacting with the kids present. An excited Mubeen surrounded by these kids, said, “To me, Children’s Day has been the best time I have spent in school because that was the one day where you could have all the fun, and nobody would scold you. We got an opportunity to wear colorful clothes that weren’t allowed on regular days, which was quite memorable. During Children’s Day, the teachers set up celebrations for the students. They used to perform for us, sing songs and put up a skit. It was fun to witness the teachers outside the classroom setting and share a great time with them.  This year, the Children’s Day celebration became even more special as I celebrated it with Oggy and Sony YAY!”