Westside – a leading fashion brand has been celebrating its Limitless campaign across different cities with a focus on inclusiveness. The third edition of this campaign was celebrated in Mumbai with newsmakers Sameera Reddy and actress Shahana Goswami in attendance. The ladies seemed enraptured in a deep seeded conversation on topics which plague the women today – they shared their personal life stories, struggles, societal expectations, and beauty standards

Limitless aims to link with like-minded people and foster a community that is accepting and a safe space for all. The conversation between the two ladies was followed by a fashion show and a quick meet-and-greet with members of the Westside community and fans.

Speaking on the campaign, a life enthusiast and a woman playing several roles with aplomb, Sameera Reddy said, “I’ve always loved Westside for its inclusive options of clothing – the brand now takes a step further into spreading the virtue of inclusivity. It’s crucial to have such conversations now more than ever and I’m honored to be part of it.”

Umashan Naidoo, Head of Consumer and Beauty, Westside said, “Limitless inspires, liberates, and celebrates everyone. Sameera Reddy and Shahana Goswami are two fabulous women who create content that evokes meaningful conversation. We love their style and love the fact that they are advocates for change. It is thrilling to have both Sameera and Shahana on board for this campaign as they are true examples of being limitless”.

Adding on to it, Shahana Goswami said “I admire Westside for conceptualising the Limitless campaign that provides people with a platform where they can freely express themselves and I’m very happy to be a part of it in any small way. This campaign emphasises the need for all of us to accept ourselves first and therefore accept others around us too, rather than seeking validation through external opinions and also not judging others for their opinions and self-expression.”