The Grand Jury Meet of the 17th edition of FURA Retail Jeweller India Awards 2022, India’s first recognition platform for Indian Jewellers, and the most prestigious awards, unveiled 400+ exquisite jewellery designs from top notch jewellery houses on July 29 in Mumbai.

A yearly extravaganza of high jewellery and uncommon designs, this is where master jewellers showcase their design prowess to a distinctive panel of jurors, media and influencers. This year, as every year, the jury comprised of a newsmakers from the worlds of art, fashion, media and business.

The jury had the honour of judging the latest masterworks of the Indian jewellery industry and make the final decision on top five finalists in 20 prize categories. In accord with the changing demographics of the consumers, the youth jury members represented a new voice for the evolving sensibilities of craft and design. The veterans, with their immense exposure to luxe lifestyle across the globe brought in the discernment of the finest degree while assessing the winning masterworks.

Speaking at the Grand Jury Meet 2022, Editor of The Retail Jeweller– India’s top business magazine for Jewellers and the organiser of The Retail Jeweller India Awards, said, “There is palpable excitement amongst jewellers about participating in the awards after a two-year gap. Jewellers have had to reimagine designs in the post–Covid era. The designs are imbued with greater value in terms of individuality, craftsmanship and usability.  The design submissions for this year reveal new rules of design that will meet the expectations of women in modern times.” 

The Jury panel comprised of lifestyle newsmakers as Nawaz Modi Singhania – Leading Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Icon, Pria Kataaria Puri – Fashion Designer Pria Kataaria Puri, Rina Dhaka – Fashion Designer, Suchhanda Chatterjee – Promotor Director Speciality Restaurant Ltd. & Producer Quest Films Pvt. Ltd., Sanjana Shah – Creative Director – Tao Art Gallery, Vaishali Shadangule – Fashion Designer, Vaishali S, Vidita Vithal Kamat – Kamat Group.

Retail Jeweller India Awards has been overwhelmingly acknowledged as the undisputed yardstick for creative excellence for the Indian jewellery industry. The awards promise to bring to the fore the most Ingenious work of the Industry. Retail Jeweller India awards aims to create an opportunity for retailers to celebrate their creative brilliance and stake their rightful claim by showcasing their excellence in design and marketing at the most coveted and prestigious industry platform.

Over the years, The Retail Jeweller India Awards has established itself as the most coveted, prestigious and the most sought-after awards for the Indian retail Jewellery industry. It has given a platform to showcase the creative brilliance of India’s leading and most renowned jewellery. The awards have attained the stature of Oscars for the jewellery industry.