In an endeavour to create a community of fitness-driven people and have a robust tribe of everyday athletes, TEGO launched the Hard Work Series – a new community events program that brings people together through hard work. When you work out with other people, something really special happens.You bond over a shared experience, and this camaraderie inspires everyone to get fitter faster, and in a more fulfilling way. With this, TEGO hopes to turn this very community spirit into a healthy habit.

Session 1 of the Hard Work Series kicks off in association with Blue Tokai, a specialty coffee retailer and the illustrious Fitgirl India- Ayesha Billimoria. Ayesha, an Indian fitness influencer, novelist, trainer, athlete and a model, is set to lead an exciting Mat Pilates session at Blue Tokai that leaves you with the ultimate Sweaty Glow.

What’s more? Attendees will leave with a TEGO Stance Mat, Blue Tokai Cold Brews for Refreshment and a Sweaty Glow that leaves you feeling your fittest best!

Join them this Sunday and set the tone of the weekend with a fast-paced session at Blue Tokai, led by Ayesha Billimoria

Date: 8th May 2022
Time: 7am – 8am
Venue: Blue Tokai Cafe (Khar, Mumbai)