~ World’s largest 16 Ton, 5-Stop Elevator installed at Jio World Centre(JWC), BKC, Mumbai
~ Jio World Centre is home to 188 world-class elevators and escalators installed by KONE
~ KONE India displayed its ground-breaking innovations at the IDAC Expo as Title Sponsor of the Green Pavilion

KONE Elevators India, a fully owned subsidiary of KONE Corporation, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, announced its world’s largest passenger elevator today during a press conference at Jio World Centre, BKC, Mumbai.

The world’s largest elevator is a pure engineering marvel. Spread over a floor area of 25.78 sq metre, this 16 ton, 5-stop elevator was carefully designed, built and tested from the most optimum people flow analysis, with high quality and safety aspects built in.

What’s next? How can we make our elevators and escalators smarter, smoother, safer and more intuitive? These are the questions we constantly ask ourselves. And it’s this curiosity, that leads us to innovate and offer sustainable products and break-through innovations that go the next level in making the buildings safer, smarter and more intelligent,” said Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevators India during the press conference.

We are pleased to announce that the world’s largest passenger elevator is by KONE, and it is in India! At KONE, we pride ourselves in offering custom-built solutions for unique projects. Besides our KONE India team, the KONE Global team of Major Projects experts collaborated with us to design and deliver this most challenging and complex project. We are always up for the challenge; be it in size, speed or in complexity, each project needs careful planning and top-notch project management skills. Together with our customers, not only we innovate and create solutions that users appreciate, but also create an experience that they can’t find anywhere else,” he further added.

Designed as a centerpiece of the collaboration-focused design, the elevator provides visitors a glimpse into the expansive world of Jio World Centre, BKC, which is India’s new landmark business and cultural destination, located in the heart of Mumbai.

While at the expo, it was incredible to watch a seamless and safe people flow with 188 world-class elevators and escalators installed by KONE at the Jio World Centre, and each product is a masterpiece in itself.  

KONE India also participated at the IDAC Expo 2022 as Title Sponsor of the Green Pavilion, where it presented its ground-breaking innovations. The visitors took a look at some behind-the-scene thinking and some state-of-the-art tech-led innovations that KONE is spearheading in the mobility industry.
So, what did the visitors experience:

  • Energy efficient solutions for greener buildings: such as the regenerative drive, standby solutions, and the revolutionary KONE UltraRope® high-rise hoisting technology, which can cut the energy consumption of, for example, a 500-meter elevator ride, by up to 15%
  • Advanced People Flow solutions for smart building experience: Touchless signalization, Car Operating Panel & Landing call station, QR Code based elevator call features
  • KONE 24/7 Connected Services for intelligent predictive maintenance: connects elevators and escalators to KONE’s cloud and uses artificial intelligence-based analytics to identify any potential issues before they cause problems Elevator integrated service robots for smart facility management: KONE is the first one in elevator industry to open its digital platform and APIs to the customers. This collaboration creates limitless possibilities such as touchless Elevator Call API, Service Robot API, Equipment Status API, Service Info API and many more.
  • KONE DX Class Series: the world’s first Digitally Connected Elevator Series that creates a completely new kind of user experience by adding smart building solutions and services that make life even easier and more convenient for users.