~Putting a difficult phase behind, it reopens with musical concerts keeping all the safety precautions in place~

Putting the pandemic days behind, Water Kingdom – Asia’s largest theme water park – reopened its doors for the public yet again with music, fun, excitement buzzing with guests enjoying their fun-filled day. Driven by an all-new campaign, Water Kingdom promises to offer the break that everybody deserves with, ‘Paani pe sabka haq hai’, because relaxing and rejuvenating around water is everyone’s right.

It’s a proposition that builds on the insight that each and every one of us lets ourselves go around water. Splashing. Diving. Frolicking. Dropping inhibitions. No matter the age or the gender. So, never mind whether anyone has a ‘beach-ready body’ or not, or whether they are swimmers or not, the campaign urges people to simply put their swimsuits on, dive in and reclaim their paani pe haq.

Thatz not all, as music goes hand-in-hand with water, Water Kingdom has multiplied the fun with musical concerts on every weekends where celebrity DJs plays their grooving numbers to take the thrill & fun level to the peak. On Sunday May 1, 2022 DJ Notorious performed at Water Kingdom putting entire crowd grooving on their feet.

After being at home for over two years, now really is the right time to step out and enjoy a fun filled day with friends and family, splashing around, at Water Kingdom. With rides designed for every preference and age group, everybody can find a spot here that’s perfect for them. Want an adventure? Get on What-A-Coaster and enjoy the thrill of the country’s largest vertical drop. The seven-story drop is sure to give you the adrenaline rush you want.  And for those looking for a quieter time, the Lazy River is the place to be. Slides at Adventures Amazonia, rides at Goofers Lagoon, India’s Largest Aqua play pool, and the largest wave pool in the world are also among the attractions that await you here.“ Mr. Paresh Mishra, President, Business Development, Water Kingdom and EsselWorld Bird Park.”    

Go ahead and book your tickets for a great summer fun experience with your friends and family.