Liam Neeson stars as “Alex Lewis” in director Martin Campbell’s MEMORY, an Open Road Films / Briarcliff Entertainment release. Credit: Rico Torres | Open Road Films / Briarcliff Entertainment

From playing the kind businessman who saves thousands of Jews in Schindler’s List, to essaying the dangerous dad who hunts down his daughter’s kidnappers in Taken, Liam Neeson’s career has seen an interesting turn from serious roles to edge of the seat blockbuster action affairs.

The actor’s upcoming release “Memory” has him don the action hat once again. Memory tells the story of Alex Lewis, an aging hitman struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, who decides to spare one of his victims, a decision that forces him to take the fight to his employers while wading off a cunning FBI agent Vincent Serra, played by Guy Pearce.

He may be playing brutal men on screen, but looks like Neeson is also quite the funny man off it. If recent rumours are to go by, the Academy Award nominee was all set to hang his boots and bid farewell to the world of action. Little did we know that statement was made in jest!

Admitting that he did make such a statement, the actor says, “That was at the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago. I said I was stubborn, I’ve had enough of action movies”. Clarifying that he was just taking the mickey, Neeson adds, “But I meant it as a joke”.

PVR Pictures release “Memory” directed by Martin Campbell, and screenplaly by Dario Scardapane, *starring Liam Neeson, Monica Bellucci, Guy Pearce, Taj Atwal, Ray Stevenson, Harold Torres amongst others.

The movie releases in theatres tomorrow, April 29, 2022.