Contestants to battle this week with vegetable peels as the main ingredient of their dishes

Sustainability is the key to understanding future. Failing on the exam of sustainability, we can lead our future generation to the road of difficulties. Adhering to this key, Chef Vs Fridge Season 2’s upcoming episode will focus on Sustainable Cuisine. While the boss chiller challenges the judges to use leftover vegetables in their dish, the contestants would be seen using vegetable peels and leaves for their platter.

Chef Sumiar Singh and Chef Afsha Rajqotwala compete in the 6th episode of Zee Café’s reality show for the title of ‘Culinary Champion of the Day’. While also using the peels as the key ingredient and adhering to Chef Shipra Khanna’s YOTD (Yantra Of The Day) challenge, the contestants get a googly thrown to them by the boss chiller which introduces Split Milk as a necessary ingredient. Getting judged on the pointers of presentation, innovation and taste, Chef Sumiar presented a plate with Raddish Leaf Pesto Grilled Shrimp with Grilled Corn Crema along with sweet potato and potato chips. On Chef Afsha’s plate were Chalupas with Fajita Chicken, Smoked Salsa and Herbed Ricotta.

Get into sustainable cuisine with the next episode of Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 this Sunday at 8 PM on Zee Café