ALTBalaji has always been a platform with a difference. The content it has created over the years has been unique, brave and edgy. It’s engaging stories, captivating narratives and heart-wrenching dramas have established a special connection with viewers. Now, as ALTBalaji completes 5 successful years in its journey of entertaining viewers across the globe, let’s look at the 5 couples that the platform introduced in our lives and made us understand the real meaning of relationships.

1.       Broken but Beautiful 3: Agastya and Rumi

Sidharth Shukla as Agastya and Sonia Rathee as Rumi struck an immediate chord with viewers in Broken but Beautiful 3. The duo, coming from different walks of life, showed us the meaning of true love and how tough it is to fall out of it. Broken but Beautiful 3 was a perfectly imperfect love story with perfect casting and livewire performances by Sidharth and Sonia when it comes to romantic dramas. Sidharth as Agastya, a brooding and courageous struggling writer-director and Sonia as Rumi, a rich, spoilt brat, left a lasting impression. The two lovers showed us how beautiful yet complicated love can be and gave us a crash course in heartbreak.

2.       Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala: Nitya and Vikram

Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya as Chef Nitya Sharma and Rajeev Khandelwal as Chef Vikram Singh Chauhan served us a perfect love story with a dash of comedy and a sprinkling of romance. The two ex-lovers who shared a spicy vibe in a drama set in the backdrop of the restaurant industry were just too good. Seeing the star-crossed lovers maintain professionalism as they work in the same kitchen was a treat for the viewers. A scrumptious couple, both Nitya and Vikram’s love story is relatable on several levels and made us realize to embrace our destiny and the fact that love is truly forever.

3.       Bicchoo Ka Khel: Akhil and Rashmi

The firebrand pair of Divyenndu Sharma as Akhil Srivastava and Anshul Chauhan as Rashmi Chaubey in the crime thriller Bicchoo Ka Khel was unusual yet exceptional. A heady mix of spectacular performances by both the cast and their heady chemistry was the show’s highlight. Seeing how Rashmi acts as the solace and comfort for Akhil who is immersed in a life of crime, was an absolute treat, and viewers are still hoping for a second season of the show just to see the two back together!

4.       Baarish 2: Anuj and Gauravi

Sharman Joshi’s Anuj and Asha Negi’s Gauravi showed how loving a couple can be. It brought back the good old romance genre in a big way. Anuj and Gauravi go through struggles as a couple, and how their relationship grows from strength to strength. Old-school romance is seldom seen on OTT and Baarish 2 showed us how to get it right!

5.       The Married Woman: Astha and Peplika

The Married Woman is a textbook example of how, with sheer grace and finesse, a same sex love story was portrayed. Monica Dogra as Peeplika and Ridhi Dogra as Astha portrayed a story which is complex, layered and beautiful to behold. The two star-crossed lovers have to make some tough choices in life to see that their relationship reaches its goal. Measured performances by Ridhi and Monica and a spellbinding story make this one an absolute must watch!

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