~ Tea is a Ritual. Tea is Patience. Tea is Meditation ~

Rejoice the small moments in a day with a cup of refreshing Tea or Chai as it is popularly called in India. Its no secret that Indians love their Tea. There is a Tea for every reason and almost every season!

Premium tea makers and a celebrated household name, Society Tea through its Tea Society Called India campaign talks about binding us unequivocally as a nation no matter what our differences may be, a ritual truly symbolizing ‘unity in diversity’, and a common language transcending regional distinctiveness through our love for tea.

Celebrating love for tea, Society Tea hopes that this International Tea Day brings a new and refreshing energy, allowing one and all to rekindle their chai time with their near and dear ones. Being a constant in every Indians life, tea has become an integral part of our lives.

Karan Shah, Director, Society Tea says, “India is a nation that loves drinking tea. Tea is an intricate part of both its culture and history and is a habit embedded into life. Tea Society Called India rejoices all those small moments in the day, wherein people come together to enjoy a cup of chai. While all of us wait to bounce back to normal, we at Society Tea, urge everyone to stay indoors and stay safe, and hope that on this International Tea Day, you brew delightful experiences over a cup of chai with your family and friends, even when you’re miles away. “

Here’s wishing that this day instills love and joy and we soon come together as a community to enjoy our tea together.