Mothers wear several hats simultaneously, such as mentors, teachers, homemakers, breadwinners, financial controllers, chefs, and best friends, among others. Celebrating the special bond each one has with their mothers and honouring the indispensable roles they play in the family as a nurturer, protector, and a confidante, Trell, India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform, is conducting #MomsGotTalent campaign.

The week-long campaign from 3rd to 9th May, 2021 is aimed at encouraging Trell users to bring to the limelight the myriad of talents their mothers possess.

As part of this campaign the platform is also running a contest where users will upload their videos that showcase any talents/qualities that their mothers can demonstrate. The video then has to be uploaded on their Trell profiles and personal social media handles tagging with the #MomsGotTalent. One winner gets an opportunity to be the next big Treller and Top 3 winners get a Trell Shop Gift Hamper.

Mommy creator Shifa Merchant will be creating videos about being a traveller mommy who became a mother during a pandemic and what it taught her, while Shrima Rai and  Simone Khambatta will take us through their influencer journeys, Tamil creator Swetha Rao and Monica Premkumar will tell us how to match mommy and daughter outfits and a mom and baby workout respectively.

Trell creators will also dedicate content to their moms on mother’s day. Clince Verghese, a Happiness Coach will talk about three things that we learn from Indian mothers,  Geetika Chakravarti will recreate one of her mom’s old looks, Rohil Jethmalani will get his mom to do QI Gong from which Tai Chi emerged, Gia Kashyap will share skincare routine that she learnt from her mom, Shilpi Saha will recreate her late mother’s old looks, Nitya Naresh will jive with her mother on her favorite songs, Travel & Lifestyle blogger Saveeta Bajaj along with son Jeehan Bajaj of Savvy World will showcase their working as an influencer, Hindi creators Shilpi Gupta and Ridhi Jain will showcase makeup looks on mom and how to reuse mom’s old sarees to create fresh looks respectively, Bengali creators Deepanwita Bera and Priyanka Bain will be doing a special Mom & Daughter Workout and a Mom & Daughter skin care routine. By sharing their creations creators will also engage with users and give them ideas on how they can celebrate Mother’s day.

Even though, the times are dull let’s take a moment to celebrate the original multitaskers: Mom’s, by sharing some fun and nostalgic moments with Trell’s #MomsGotTalent