Happy Soul, believes wellness is an umbrella that encompasses the well-being of our mind, body, energy, soul and our planet as well. Their e-commerce & Retail Startup is to provide diverse multi-vendor products which enable you to lead a life that is chemical free, organic, healthy and wholesome. The product range emphasises the need for all products to be environment friendly, organic, against animal testing and animal cruelty. 

Magicians of Wellness (India) LLP launches a new range of naturally crafted hand rolled Incense sticks, Scented Candles & Agate Coasters – so what you inhale is a very powerful sensory olfactory experience that triggers the neurochemistry in your brain. It is pure, purposeful and empowering. The first range of incense sticks come in ten aromatic scents that empower your journey to being a happy soul. Spiritual Sage, powerful & sensual NagChampa, prayerful Frankincense that builds inner strength, purifying Tulsi that detoxes, calming and protective Palo Santo, healing Sandalwood that intensifies meditation, and enlightening Agarwood that grounds you. Personally beneficial in the series are Lavender to relax, calm, soothe and help sleep, a full bodied fragrant Rose that promotes love, desire, happiness and upliftment and the much respected Patchouli for wealth, passion, fertility and insight. There’s something that benefits everybody with Happy Soul’s 100% natural incense stick collection.   

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Happy Soul’s candles are crafted out of pure soy wax making them non-toxic, eco-friendly and vegan. 100% pure essential oils. The collections are in two parts with one part comprising 100ml fragrant candles that create a powerful sensory experience and a second collection of 60ml that are 100% pure essential oil and meant for healing and potent change. 

The smell of scented candles stimulates our limbic system. It also is known to trigger emotions, and happy hormones. Happy Soul’s Essential Oil Soy Candles have been handpicked for maximum positive benefit. We have started with four fabulous versions derived from 100% pure essential oils. Our sensual Ylang Ylang, relaxing Lavender, immunity boosting Kaffir Lime and uplifting Lemongrass will add to your day, your mood and your health quotient. These 100% essential oil soy candles are perfect for every setting be it the bedroom, during meditation, exercise or even at a desk while working from home. They’re sustainably packed in amber glass jars that can be reused and recycled after use.

The Fragrant Soy Candles collection by Happy Soul come in three aromas namely Rose for love and joy, Oud Cardamom for peace and tranquillity, and Jasmine for sensuality which add to creating a happy, positive, fresh, wholesome environment and to set a fragrant environment for any occasion. Packed in a glass jar these sustainably packaged candles are sealed with a corked lid for a long-lasting aroma.