Cello Group, India’s largest consumer household product manufacturer, today has announced to expand its product portfolio by foraying into Tri-Ply cookware category.

With the launch of this range of products and entry into a new category, Cello group in India further strengthening its expertise in product and category innovation. The company is introducing the product range across the country. The cookware range is specially created to cater to the niche segment of affordable cookware in India. The products are made up of premium quality, which makes them elegant and convenient to handle. The overall cookware range of market stands at a 5000 Crore market size, and Cello is aiming to capture 20 percent of the market share.

The range of products includes Frypan, Kadai, Grill pan, and Casserole in varied sizes, emphasizing every kitchen need. The thick bottom of the cookware ensures even heat distribution with superior temperature resistance and no hot spots. With its sturdy and natural cast iron construction, the cooking also adds dietary iron to the food. Additionally, Tri-Ply cookware doesn’t leave residue unlike Teflon which is carcinogenic.

The company has set up a dedicated team of people comprising sourcing, R&D, quality, sales and marketing teams to focus on building research capabilities to enhance the product innovation pipeline across categories. The new range of products will be retailed through all the major retail outlets, and will also be available at all leading e-commerce platforms.

The company aims to localise goods for India and Make India a self-reliant country for all kinds of products. The products are made up of 100 percent food grade and heavy gauge stainless steel with mirror finishing. The tri-ply construction provides heat from all sides. The products are suitable for both induction and gas stoves. The High grade, durable stainless steel construction lasts with ultimate strength, durability, rust-resistant, and is easy to clean.

Cello manufactures various products such as home appliances, opal ware & glassware, kitchen appliances, melamine ware, plastic & steel houseware, air coolers, cleaning products, moulded furniture, etc. The company has 700 distributors and plans to add more by the end of the next financial year. 

Key Features of the products :

  • They are durable, rust-resistant, and simple to clean, while also being easy to lift and handle.
  • Compatible with Gas Stove & Induction Cooktop feature makes it more user-friendly.
  • 100% Flame Proof
  • Non carcinogenic

Gaurav Rathod, Director, Cello Group said, “Our research has indicated that there is a latent demand for affordable cookware which enables low oil, low water cooking while maintaining the taste. In the past few months, we have launched various products to cater to the new demand and simultaneously expand our offerings so customers can get many products under one roof. We aim to launch more new innovative products in the coming months.”