~The 2-minuter game-o-logy are refreshing and stress- buster~ 

Makar- Sankranti, the kite flying festival where the sky is filled with colourful kites marks the beginning of the new year, new season and new harvest. To celebrate this traditional and auspicious festival, EsselWorld brings to you ‘Patangbazi’ a game-o-logy with new age digital twist which will be Live until 14th January 2021. 

Log on to, http://www.patangbazi.ewlive.in fill in your personal details along with your registered mobile number and follow EsselWorld on all the social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Post following the above mentioned steps, the player will be able to play 3 games – ‘Grab my Patang’ where the individual needs to find the Makar Special Kite amidst lots of other kites and threads,’ Sky full of Kites’ where one needs to count the number of kites of different shapes and sizes and ‘Sikandar of Sky’, which is the luck number game. These three games put together along with following all the given steps will give an opportunity for the player to win. 

Month on month, we at EsselWorld strive to bring to you unique and exciting experiences. Patangbazi is a mind refreshing game-o-logy themed around the kite flying festival that everyone and anyone can enjoy”, said Paresh Mishra, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, EsselWorld & Water Kingdom.  

Moreover, there are 100 winners who will get free access to EsselWorld Bird Park tickets. Isn’t that exciting now!