~Honey Bunny to make June all the more joyful with Gifts Pe No Break Contest~

Remember the good ol’ days when as a kid you waited for birthdays and special occasions with bated breath just to unwrap the gift box with your name on it. The joy of receiving a gift regardless of one’s age fills everyone with innocent joy and  happiness with a special place in one’s heart for the person who gave us the gift . The popular Kids Entertainment channel -Sony YAY! now will have gifts for kids every day. The channel is all set to spark this joy amongst kids with unlimited gifts with their special on-air contest called ‘Gift Pe no Break’.

As the title suggests, the channel and kids’ favorite YAY! toons Honey-Bunny have decided to shower the kids across the country with a chance to win exciting gifts like Instant Camera, Cycles, watches, headphones and much more along with a non-stop,  break-free,  entertainment between 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

After the high-on-entertainment summer vacation line-up, kids are in for a surprise treat as the channel has decided on the entire cool prizes basis every kid’s wish list. While YAY! toons may not be able to physically enthrall these kids with gifts but the kids get a  chance to win while they watch their favorite characters without any commercial break, For all they have to do is to spot the adorable duo of Honey-Bunny, pop-up on their screens with unique Sony YAY! gifts, and give a missed call that gives them a chance to take home a host of supercool YAY! prizes.

Through this gifting marathon by Sony YAY!, the channel aims to shower kids with ample amount of gifts as well as cement a special place in their heart that lasts forever.