iifwIndian Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW) releases an impactful short film ‘The First Lady’ – an ode to women on the occassion of the International Women’s Day.

Easily recognised for revolutionizing the women’s intimate apparel and personal care industry, The India Intimate Fashion Week (popularly known as IIFW), reaches to its audience with a film which brings us a powerful, socially concerned topic  through it short film.

 IIFW’s earlier short stories, The Right Cup Project & Do Not Look Here, were very well appreciated across the industry and audience. This year too, IIFW has thoughtfully created a masterpiece that would raise concerns about another Taboo in the society, again.

Niraj Jawanjal, Founder and Chief Ideator of India Intimate Fashion Week, who has conceptualized and also directed this film said, ” The core focus of IIFW is to highlight and “Boo the Taboo”  in India when it comes to talking about lingerie, a basic need in our day-to-day life. There is nothing like only youngsters need it and the elders don’t. Rather, women of every walk, strata and age group need to pay more  attention and care towards themselves. The short film draws attention to  critical issues as sagging, breast cancer, uterus cancer, personal hygiene related issues and then again on the mental illnesses which start with ignorance & loneliness.”   He concluded,  “With youth today being financially and emotionally independent, they seem detached from their elders, and if that results into them ignoring their parents, relationships would no longer hold any place between any two people.  The film is an eye-opener to this simple yet impactful message urging the youth to be more empathetic towards their seniors.

The short film released on 7th March 2020 across all the social media channels.

The Story Plot :  

first ladyA daughter, who is an independent, working and modern girl from today’s times in a metro city, comes across a social media promo about the upcoming Women’s Day Special Sale at a well-known mall in the city. She plans to go to the mall and shop something new for her as she really wanted to upgrade her wardrobe collection. She reaches home with loads of shopping bags in hand.

While she goes to her room to freshen up & change. Her mother leaves her daughter’s coffee on the centre table and browses through the shopping goods. She finds something beautiful, very lacy and elegant product which looks like lingerie / bra. She asks her daughter about it….and she too says that yes, it’s a bra.

Her mother with her extremely surprised face confesses that she had never seen such bra in her life, and she would really like to have one. Her daughter tells her rudely, bluntly that such products are meant for today’s independent women, who have social life and not for older women who stay at home. Her mother then reacts to this treatment by the daughter in a very emotional way.

Link to the film :