fuckupnights mumbaiWe learn more from failures than from success stories….Fuckup Nights celebrates just that!

Currently in 300+ Cities and 90+ countries, Fuckup Nights is the fastest growing movement on the planet for innovators and creators. Fuckup Nights believes that having difficult conversations is a positive step towards well-being and creating a less ego-driven world.

The global movement of celebrating professional failures before reaching the pinnacle of success is happening again in your own city, Fuckup Nights Mumbai – Vol 4 happening in  Mumbai!

An event that shares stories of professional failures, on a Fuckup Night. The partnership deal that goes sour, the product that has to be recalled, we tell them all! If you have failed, you have dread to step out of your comfort zone, braved to take a leap of faith, experimented with your knowledge and have allowed yourself to have complex failures. Failure is an option, possibly the only one.

Gavin Methalaka Fuckup nights mumbai

This time Fuckup Nights Mumbai will see two crazy souls – Gavin Methalaka, a performing artist in the fields of stage, audio, films, and television. And Shraddha Bhansali, CEO & Co-Founder, Pride of Lions Hospitality Pvt Ltd.  Together they will share their deepest, and most secretly kept fuck ups – yes literally – which will definitely make you laugh out loud, but let you think about all the failures that you made in your life which taught you great things!Shraddha profile

Its a evening with food, beverage, and fun meet up which you just shouldn’t miss.

So, come and be a part of this movement!

When: Friday, March 13, 7 pm to 9 pm

Where: Vorq Space 3.0, North Wing, 3rd Floor, Bharat House 104, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Dalal St, Kala Ghoda, Fort

To Register:  https://www.vorqspace.com/events

Call: +919819825755