puratos chocolate recipe

Valentine’s Day is about all things sweet ! It is one of the most romantic days of the year, and what could be a better way to express love for the special someone than treating them to a perfectly crafted Valentine’s Day cake.

On this international day of love, Puratos India presents ‘Valentine’s Delight’, a beautiful recipe that is sure to win many hearts. With this enticing recipe, Puratos India reinvents indulgence by presenting a perfect blend of healthy food and great taste that consumers will love and patronize. With a deeper insight into consumer preferences from Puratos, bakers can now create the best-finished applications offering healthy ingredients without compromising on taste or texture.

Valentines Delight recipe is a composition of Tegral Satin Red Velvet Egg-free, Topfil Cherry 50%, Belcolade Noir Selection, Carat Coverlux chocolate, and Bavarois. Topfil is a range of delicious natural fruit filling with up to 50% fruit content that offers a perfect solution for customers looking for healthy food with high nutritional value. Tegral Satin Red Velvet Egg-Free is an all- purpose egg-free premix with notes of chocolate and cheese that give you the perfect American Red Velvet cake.

Belcolade Noir Selection is a 55% dark chocolate reference offering a perfect balance between bitterness & sweetness. Carat Coverlux is the hard compound chocolate with an excellent chocolate taste.

Your customers will slice into this delicious heart-shaped cake to reveal rich fruit filling and chocolate mousse running through the center. With chocolates heavenly divine and hearts purely romantic, Puratos Valentine’s Delight is a perfect delicacy for your loved ones.


Red Velvet Base :                                       

Tegral Satin Red  Velvet Egg Free 500gm
Water 200gm
Oil 100gm
Mix Premix &  Water at slow speed for 1 minute & then at high speed for 4 minutes with paddle attachment.

Add Oil & mix at medium speed for 2 minutes or till the oil dissolves.

Spread the bIatter on a silicon sheet & bake at 180°C for 7-8 minutes or till baked.

Once baked & cooled, cut into heart shapes using cutter.

(size should be 1 cm smaller than the heart shape silicon mould)



Chocolate   Mousse :                                

Belcolade Noir Selection/Carat Coverlux Dark 250gm
Bavarois 100gm
Fresh cream 250gm
Whip cream 150gm
Topfil Cherry 250gm
Pipe Topfil Cherry in small round portions in a silicon mould & freeze till it sets hard.

Heat  Fresh cream (75°C) . Remove from flame & add Bavarois to it. Mix to make it lumpfree.

Reheat the cream & pour over chopped Belcolade Noir Selection, rest for 5 minutes.

Mix to form a smooth ganache.

Fold the ganache to the lightly  whipped cream & mix evenly.

Pipe the chocolate mousse ¾ th of the heart shaped silicon mould, insert the frozen Topfil Cherry in the centre & then cover with chocolate mousse.

Place Red velvet heart sponge at the end.

Freeze the mousse overnight / till it reaches the minus temperature



Red Cocoa Spray :                                    

Belcolade Blanc Selection/Carat Coverlux White 160gm
Cocoa Butter 240gm
Red  Color(Powder) 1gm
Melt Cocoa Butter & Belcolade Blanc Selection & then mix together.

Add Red  Colour to it(as per the colour concentration)  & strain once for smooth  spray effect.






Demould the mousse & spray the coloured dilution.

(mousse should be frozen i.e.,-22°C & Choco spray should be around 35°C).

Put some Brillo Cold Glaze Neutral drops on the mousse as shown in the image.