wyshFor a fan, there is nothing better than getting a personalized message from their favorite star. It truly would make their day. This thought was the inception point for Wyshsaid Mahesh Gogineni (CEO Wysh). Co-Founded by Mahesh Gogineni, Manan Maheshwari and Varun MS, WYSH is a unique two-way engagement and video request platform that enables everyone to get personalized video messages from their dream celebrities. WYSH was globally unveiled on 10th February, 2020 in Mumbai.

Ever wanted to gift your special one a wish from their favorite celebrity. This is now possible through the launch of  WYSH app. With this exciting revolutionary tech platform, WYSH will enable every user to make their iconic celebs a part of every special moment in their lives, in REALITY.

WYSH will enable all its users to get personalized video messages directly from their idolised superstars to make every celebration last for generations to come.

002. Sunny Leone with Varun MS, Manan Maheswari, Mahesh Gogineni during the launch of WYSH Application DSC_8783 (1)Mahesh Gogineni, CEO WYSH said “In India, we love our celebrities and our desire to connect with them and make them part of our lives is unparalleled compared to any part of the world. Existing social platforms don’t fully meet that need. That’s why we created WYSH. Wysh enables fans to make their dreams come true and celebs to connect with their fans in a way that wasn’t possible before” further adding “People are getting bored of gifting the same old flowers, souvenirs, gift toys, clothes, etc. on special occasions. WYSH lets you gift a memorable video wish to your loved ones. Be it a birthday, anniversary, work promotion or simply want your favorite celebs to say a few words, we got you covered. Just come on to WYSH and reach out to your favorite stars”.

With hotshots & luminaries from all walks of life like Films, Television, Music, Social Media etc., WYSH promises to memorialise every occasion with your chosen megastar.

The big standout USP of WYSH is its user friendliness & the simplicity with which it delivers astonishing experiences for all its users. Just 3 quick steps & your most desirable hero comes live to you through a very personalised video message, sent authentically with all heart & truthfulness exclusively for you.


Steps 1- Search category to choose your fav celebrity

Steps 2- Select the occasion and give WYSH message – for yourself or for your loved ones

Steps 3- Your chosen Hero Celeb responds with a video you can share and cherish forever.

WYSH recently closed a USD 2 Million funding round lead by Kalaari Capital, a successful early-stage technology-focused venture capital firm. Existing investors Whiteboard Capital, Touchstone Equities, AngelList, and new investors AET fund, IIMK, and GEMBA Capital also participated in the round.

Link- https://thewysh.com/book