primus co workMumbai lifestyle is buzzing 24×7, our restaurants, cafes open their doors to the patrons from breakfast to mid-night take-a-ways.  However these eateries still has hours which is lean time or shut for the noons. Over 3000 such restaurants are accessible across the city like Mumbai, which host great potential for co-work space.

That’s exactly the idea that the founders of Primus Co-Work Abhinay Deo, Shardul Singh Bayas, Atul Chordia and Ranvir Singh had as they felt the need in tapping these resources.

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At an event hosted at Bandra’s favourite watering hole ‘Olive Bar & Kitchen’, Primus Co-Work hosted a press conference to announce their presence in Mumbai, even as they  move to other cities across the country.

Primus Co-work is the ultimate solution, supported by The Mesh Co-work, one of the finest co-working spaces in Pune and Mumbai.

Extremely pocket friendly office workstation, this set up is ideal for the new-age professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, startups and student allowing them to work in a shared space.  This concept of co-working has emerged the preferred working station and has seen a rise in the past few years, with  many spaces sprouting all over the country.

primus co work space
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In most recent times, Restaurants and cafe have gained preference as they already have the work environment and amenities that many workers consider pleasant working environment, which some have reported enhances the efficiency, creativity and energy.

Primus has tied up with some of the most premium restaurants and cafes, and has a presence in 32 restaurant from all over the two cities to bring you the optimum work experience.  If you’re in Mumbai, you can pick from the assorted list of restaurants that range from renowned

The start-up’s idea is straight-forward but creative: Members of Primus Co-Work have access to the 3000 stakeholders across the city and the other affiliations coming up to work in the comfort of their favourite hang outs as a cost as low as Rs.15/- per hour if you register for their annual working subscription model.

The amenities that accompany this membership is phenomenal, which one may not get when working at a restaurant conventionally, such as a repro services, concierge services, executive assistance, valet parking, unlimited access to the F&B at a special discounted price.

Members can also opt for the ‘easy pay’ option for a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month package.  Additionally, one can attatin a complimentary usage of the conference rooms if the members opts for the 1 year membership.  These are just a few of the special offers available.

You can log onto their website for more info or follow them on facebook.