Articles~ Narikaa by FOGSI –  the most awaited  reliable Go-to platform addressing women’s health  related issues

~ Narikaa is your go-to-source for factual medical education for women of all ages.

~ Narikaa app is compatible with both Andriod and IoS platforms

Growing up, there are many doubts and queries women face related to health, for themselves  as growing adolescence, young women in their peak, as mothers, and later as years pass by for their children – so they constantly plagued for answers on  issues ranging from menarche to pregnancy to menopause and all those in-between.

At such times often we seek assistance from people around who share their own perception and have to adhere to age old myths about the issues that may be doing the rounds.

The introduction of Narikaa was solely to address this dilemma face by many women around the globe – India especially.   Narikaa today is recognized as India’s first Doctor intermediated health literacy platform that offers curated information to increase Health awareness and wellness  among women.

RestrictionsIt is not just another app or a website, but a gateway to a wealth of reliable information that addresses queries related to  women’s health ranging from menarche to pregnancy to menopause and all those in-between.

An initiative by  FOGSI – a medical body that has over 36,000 certified obstetricians and gynaecologists, this app and website comprises of a body that truly has the authority and the ability to respond and counsel fastidiously, thereby eliminating the harm or damage caused by misinformation that is so widely prevalent on the Internet.

DSCF2301-19Speaking on the Narikaa initiative, Meenakshi Menon – Founder of WayBeyond media  said, “It has been created with a vision to empower the feminine gender with access to information related to her physique and those that cause her to blossom from a child to a teen to a mother. It has been created to address sensitive issues relating to Menarche, Monthly Periods, Pregnancy, Infertility, Family Planning, Gynecological Disorders and Menopause. Issues that most women hesitate to discuss even in the privacy of their homes and with their families.

FOGSI experts share their knowledge and insights with women from all walks of life. There are some very simple narrative films which cover the health ailings and topics of great interest among women.  An easy interface makes it simple for even the most digitally in experienced woman to navigate her way around the platform and app. Video films ensure that complex subjects are simplified by experts in short engrossing interviews.  Explainer videos add a further dimension to the articles.  audio-visuals to ensure clarity and accuracy.

Meenakshi continued “The core intent of Narikaa app is to prepare a safety net whereby women can be more informed about their body, their ailments, their doubts so that when they meet their Doctors they are better informed and confident about their information need”

Narikaa is a passion project for Meenakshi and the current President of FOGSI Dr Nandita Palshetkar.

The entire FOGSI Managing Committee views Narikaa as a means of getting Doctor approved Women’s health education out to millions of women so that they are better informed about their bodies and their health.

The best part about Narikaa is that it is simple and easy to use. The video format makes even the most complex topic easy to understand. The app which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and the Apple Store is always available at the tip of your fingers and provides you with a safe and private space.

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