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Parents are constantly fighting a battle wanting to offer the best of lifestyle to their children — as an art and science of living,

Kids health is one of the biggest cause of concern among parents – digestive problems, seasonal changes, food allergies seem to affect them far too easily.  So inspite of our best knowledge and advice that children should eat real food, avoid processed food with additives, kids are prone to fall sick with cough, cold and stomach problems.

Ayurveda has proved to be a saving option which many parents around the world apply as a health option, thanks to the growing awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals.   Ayurveda and natural products have a great deal of wisdom that can be easily applied to children. 

Keeping this in mind, Dr. Vaidya’s has combined some of its choicest products to create the Kids Pack. This kids pack combines supplements for immunity, energy, cold, cough and healthy digestion – some of the most common problems faced by children.


While Chakaash makes a kid’s daily experience with Chyawanprash joyful. It takes away the bitterness and stickiness while still giving the immunity boost with the novelty of a toffee. Huff ‘N’ Kuff Syrup and Herbokold, aids kids suffering from constant runny nose and cough. Finally, for poor digestion and constipation problems in young kids, DR Vaidya’s Kabaj Churna solves the problem of habitual constipation and ensures comfortable mornings for children.

These products put together are the best ayurvedic medicines for kids because they ensure fitness and health 100% naturally.

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