DRT SHOW INDIA 2019 DIVING EXPO.jpgAsia Pacific’s largest Diving and Resort Travel Expo,  the very first DRT Show 2019 is finally to begin in Mumbai.

This extravagant celebration of the underwater world is happening across 8 cities in Asia, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Taipei, Philippines, Malaysia and India.  The expo will be hosted at the landmark World Trade Centre, at Mumbai’s best address in South Mumbai from 18 to 20 October.

As a significant and must-visit event in Asian diving industry, the DRT Show India 2019, has 97 exhibitors coming from local and international countries, who are expected to represent varied unique brands and a more wholesome diversity of visitors from all over the world. Being a grand meet up of traders, divers, ocean conservationists, enthusiastic amateurs and enthusiasts of the water world, this event shall witness the largest gathering of people with a fascination for the beautiful underwater world!

At DRT Show India 2019, visitors can find leading international diving gear brand, accredited diving agencies including NAUI Asia Pacific and DIWA, Indian non-profit organizations including Indian Diver’s Association, Green Soldiers Scuba Network  ReefWatch Marine Conservation and Underwater Sport Association, India. They are exhibiting with the intention to extend various professional diving courses, services and consulting. And the highlight being, whether you are an experienced diver or not, you can always book yourself a wonderful holiday retreat with dive resorts or liveaboards during the show, too.

DRT Show is not only a high-quality platform for marketing and purchasing but also an opportunity to attend splendid seminars delivered by experts including the underwater photographers Sumer Verma, film maker Nirav Parikh, environmental speaker Elsie Gabriel, technical diver Richa Malik, dive operator Mangesh Deshmukh and Lyly from Indonesia, conservationist Adv. Afroz Shah, Nayantara Jain, Col Shashikant Dalvi and Suhas, Daniel Abimanju Carnadie from Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia, and the winner of Miss Scuba International 2016, Varsha Rajkhowa.

image009The show in association with Blue India Underwater Photography, ReefWatch Marine Conservation and Canon India will have a ‘Blue India Underwater Imagery Competition’.  The nominated photos will be exhibited, and the award ceremony will take place during the show on 19 October. In addition, there will be a ‘People’s choice’ awards.

Ahead of the event, the DRT Show participated in the Beach and River Cleanup activities on October 12th & 13th to support the UN Champion of the Earth, Adv. Afroz Shah.


The endeavour is to advocate their corporate responsibility – as they pledge to use less plastic, welcoming everyone to join in being an environment fighter and save the amazing marine World, to preserve Mother Nature and Planet Earth!

So, come to explore this extravagant three-day celebration of the glorious marine world, with the gala launch on the 18th October at 11am.