A few months ago, food delivery FreshMenu had launched their Sugar-Free Lava cake in a jar with their ‘Earn your Lava’ campaign. The concept behind the campaign was to earn a guilt-free dessert post your workout.  Being a dessert glutton, I got sucked into the viral campaign which snowballed into a great family tagging each other.

fresh1Recently, we decided to broaden our food experience with the online delivery service, and here’s a little peek at the take-out delivery we sought for a special weekend celebration between the Bajaj trio.

Since the family has a health-conscious husband,  a foodie kid and an extremely neutral Mommy ‘Me’, we took the liberty of placing our order after carefully perusing the menu online.  Happy there’s a great mix of veg and non-veg meals to suit all palate, we placed our order.

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Our choice included: Korean Bulgogi Super Bowl, Low Carb Fish Dumpling, Warm Falafel Meal, and a Creamy Buritto Bowl.  The accompanying rice, noodles, and salads to the meal rendered it filling as each bowl is a meal in itself.

To end the meal on a sweet note, we decided to try a different set of cakes on offer. We had tried their cake in the jar earlier (which is simply sinful), we were not disappointed with the three equally mouth-watering cakes which accompanied our meals.  The Unicorn Lava cake, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Red-Velvet Cheesecake were all super yumm!

Even though the food experience was pleasant, a few areas here is the checklist of things to be addressed as you select the restaurant / food delivery service to suit your requirement.

WHAT’S ON OFFER : Often restaurants and food services have a good deal depending on time and days of the week, so it’s always advisable to check for the same, you never know your meal may offer you bonus on future orders and or a super discount too.

The other parameters of reckoning are :

DELIVERY WAIT : Our order was dot on time. 

FOOD PACKAGING : Food  was hot on arrival.

The food is packed in spill-proof, microwave-safe bowls sealed in tamper-proof sealant of the brand with accompanying fork and spoon, so you can dig in directly into the food.  However considering we were going all out for a sit-down, I had laid out the dine-in cutlery.  Also, the food is packed in spill-proof, good plastic containers with the food brands sealant – making it tamper-proof too.

Food is neatly labeled and earmarked with the content – the name of the dish – whether it’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian – so there are no chances of mix-ups.

FOOD QUALITY :  Luckily the online site has a great mix of Indian continental food which caters to every palate and food choice – Your morning breakfast to your binge eating, there is something for everyone.

While the food is kept light and fluffy without being too gooey with oil and spicy, it has the definite Indian flavours which makes for a great wholesome meal with the accompaniments.  The continental food is neither too bland nor boring, making it must try for all sorts of foodies – even the non-fat lovers and kids.   As a take out experience, we thoroughly enjoyed the food which was delicious and warm so no need to reheat (which can be an ordeal, since we not into microwave heating).

FOOD QUANTITY : As dinner should be, the portion in the bowl is just right for one pax with all the accompaniments in the meal packed for one person.  So if you hosting a small get together and have to cater to various palates this works really good as each one gets their own special something. It can work well for kittie parties too.


Freshmenu delivered what they promised at a great value for money.

For more info on their new food arrivals and menu, you can log onto freshmenu, they have a great choice in both veg and non-vegetarian food.  Don’t miss the special ‘Cake in a Jar’.  It’s absolutely decadent!