grado_contest_win_Car.jpgHaving set new benchmarks in the world of Textiles, power brand ‘GRADO from The House of GBTL and OCM’ has charmed the premium fabrics segment with its specialty of amalgamating modern technology with the tradition of making fabric.

Recently, the brand organized the ‘GRADO Super Shahenshah Meet’ to celebrate its meteoritic rise in the Industry and its association with their brand ambassador, none other than the ‘Shahenshah of Bollywood’, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

The event was held at Hotel Sahara Star with over 1000 + dealers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers, from across the country, in attendance.

The main objectives of the event included the ‘Meet and Greet’ session to award the winner of the ‘GRADO Dekho, Big B se Milo’ contest; recognition and felicitation of top performers, in several categories, for the revered houses of GRADO – GBTL and OCM and celebrating its association with Big B as their Brand Ambassador.

GRADO_Brand Ambassador_Amitabh Bachchan at GRADO Super Shahenshah Meet_2

To get a fun glimpse into the Top Management, the next segment was ‘Rubaroo with GRADO’, a chat-show based format, wherein MC & Host Siddharth Kannan interacted with the GRADO team via an informal banter, thus enabling the audience to get to know them like never before. Along with witty quips and informal conversations, the team shed light on new areas being explored in terms of product and channel, how the Gen Next is taking the legacy forward, key associations and more. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone gathered at the venue.

Having interacted with the team, it was now time to acknowledge and recognize the phenomenal work done by GRADO’s biggest stakeholders – wholesalers and retailers – from the Central, West, East and South Zones across the country for both GBTL and OCM.

gradoA award and felicitation program began with an announcement of the Best Zonal Performers for Grado’, with 9 winners from OCM and 10 winners from GBTL. This was followed by a wonderful dance performance that captivated the audience. The second set of awards was ‘National Excellence Awards for Grado’, with 10 winners from OCM and 11 winners from GBTL, with all the winners receiving enormous rounds of applause from the gathering.

The evening proceeded with MC & Host Siddharth interacting with the audience via fun question rounds, which was a prelude to the arrival of the Star of the event – The Shahenshah of Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan.

Amidst all the happiness and cheers of the crowd, Rajendra Agarwal felicitated Amitabh Bachchan.  Following this, the former indulged in a candid conversation with the audience seated at the event.

Speaking about the grand success of the event, Rajendra Agarwal, Mentor, GRADO said “When we introduced ‘GRADO from The House of GBTL and OCM’ in 2018, we knew that it would do well in the market but its magnitude has surprised all of us, in a good way! From strategic associations to excellence in the departments of product deliverances and processes, a lot has been achieved in such little time, which is a clear indicator of how it is going to be in the coming months and years as well. To commemorate its well-deserved accolades, and our wonderful association with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as our brand ambassador, we hosted the ‘GRADO Super Shahenshah Meet’ for all our dealers , retailers and wholesalers from across India. The event was a grand success and we look forward to having more of such events, to come together for GRADO’s ascension in the Industry”

Speaking about his journey with GRADO, Amitabh Bachchan, Brand Ambassador, GRADO said I have always endorsed brands that I truly believe in, and when the GRADO team came to meet me with the fabrics, I took time to agree to become the Brand Ambassador but I will have to admit that today I feel proud to associate..  Products come in such classic colours, innovative textures and patterns, hence making it versatile in nature. The brand’s tagline, ‘Aap bhi Grado Peheniye Ek Baar, Phir Yeh Hi Pehnenge Aap Baar Baar’ hits the bulls eye because once you try their fabrics, you won’t feel like buying any other. I congratulate the entire GRADO team for the spectacular growth pace in just over a year. It is my honour to be associated with such a premium and prestigious brand and I look forward to doing more of such events with the team.” 

The celebratory note continued with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ presented to S. Krishnamoorthy for his invaluable contribution and role in the ascending growth of GRADO and the industry.

Currently, GRADO’s latest Cotton Collection, is available in 10000+ stores, has already won the hearts of consumers across the country. ‘GRADO’ with the combined star power of the greatest celebrity of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan as the Brand Ambassador, is all set to usher a successful new wave in the Luxury Fabrics & Apparels industry.