Imran & Vaishnavi 03Most entertainment formats are looking towards sharing a message with its audience. Films, TV series, documentaries, web series and even plays are sources of entertainment which assists in sharing a thought which may bring about a change in the society.  Girl Child,  Education, Menstruation, Save Water, etc are a few revolutionary changes which have been brought in by some thoughtful content.

A recent play which looks at another thought shared by writer Akhtar Ali and Directed by Mujeeb Khan is a stage-play called ‘Murder of God’.   This play was recently performed in Andheri on Sunday.

‘Murder of God’ is a comical satire which aims to change the perception of the society regarding fake godmen with a light-hearted courtroom drama where a culprit who claims he’s killed God and demands he be given recognition instead of retribution for his work. He is prosecuted for the crime in the court where the final verdict is of the audiences.

The culprit is portrayed by Imran Khan who is prominent films and television face and is currently seen on Star Plus and Hotstar’s ‘Divya Drishti’. Imran is the driving force of the play and takes us through a journey of his character in such a nonchalant way that the audience both relates to it with laughter and yet feel his sorrow.  Imran’s energy and command over his character’s dialect is off the charts which brings in life a character one would surely remember even after they’ve left the theatre.

Vaishnavi Macdonald who is also a part of ‘Divya Drishti’ played the Judge to this culprit and her portrayal of the character is a visual feast for the audience. Vaishnavi portrays a new-age judge who is not just present to listen but make sure the right voice is heard. She plays her character with such grace and enigma and still brings tears of joy amongst the audience. She opens the play and brings it to end where she engages the audience to let them decide whether the culprit deserves to be punished or to be set free. This was the first time Vaishnavi was a part of this play but it feels like she was the missing ingredient to the recipe of ‘Murder of God’.

Navtej who is a prominent theatre personality and the longest actor to be part of ‘Murder of God’ along with Imran Khan, played the prosecutor to the culprit and showed his experience and enactment is vastly recognition-worthy. The play was performed and executed rather beautifully and displays the director Mujeeb Khan knowledge in handling the highs and lows of his characters. The play was although hilarious and got the audience off their seats laughing, the humble director believed there was scope for betterment as in Rabindranath Tagore words, “A play turns out the best of its potential after being performed 9 times” 

Well, one who’d watch the play would not agree to this as it is an extravaganza and a delight to watch and if it actually does get better in the 9th performance one wouldn’t want to miss any of it as ‘Murder of God’ always feels like it’s been portrayed at it’s peek.

It also delivers an important message in a light-hearted satire about the increase in the number of man-made God and fake godmen which has resulted in religious chaos nation-wide.