Unveiled with the royal flourish it deserves, the #PersianHaleem took centre stage at a recent event where some of the ace influencers and food bloggers across the city were invited for a special preview and tasting of this royal dish.  The Persian Darbar outlet at Kurla played host to the launch.

This discerning group of influencers of Mumbai couldn’t help but gasp at the novelty of the food experience which was like never before.  Described as ‘heavenly ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ ‘delectable’, what remained common was the unanimous appreciation for this world famous dish that had everyone asking for more.

20190503_220516-1.jpg#EatItOrMIssIt : as the campaign goes, the #PersianHaleem has the city talking about it since its unveiling.  It was launched at the Persian Darbar exclusive for this Ramzan season in Mumbai. The Persian Haleem is nutritionally perfect to eat at the end of a long day as a starter, it is exceptionally superior in nutrition and also helps people have better energy levels post breaking fast and is any day good for health when compared to deep friend items taken on an empty stomach post breaking a fast.

The preparation starts from 4am in the morning and lasts until 4 pm to 5 pm.   Prepared with over 12 hours of meticulous cooking in a Ghota (firewood over), the wheat and meat is mashed to perfection for a porridgy paste, coupled with the finest ghee and the paste of almonds, cashews and pista.   Cooked in the Ghota for 10 to 12 hours in a special copper vessel which is huge in size, with no trans fat and no artificial colours added. The Persian Haleem instantly evokes awe for its exclusivity.

A perfect combination of taste and nutrient, non vegetarian food lovers who generally looking for a combined treat of health and taste are sure to give this dish a try.

You can visit any of the three outlets of the Persian Darbar across the city at Bandra West, Andheri East and Kurla or even go online www.persiandarbar.in to order your special pack at only Rs.160/-.   Swiggy, Zomato and Scootsy are also offering this special dish.  This dish will be made available between 5pm to 10pm at any of the above venues.

A few fact about the #PersianHaleem : The Haleem originated from the Persian Empire during the royal regime of the Great King Khusrow from the 6th century BC. It travelled to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries and when it reached India it got geographically divided in various states and in umpteen cuisines of each state namely Lucknow but the original taste of Persian Haleem has been brought to life in the last four decades by none other than the original Persian Darbar Chain of restaurants which started in the year 1978. 

EatItOrMissIt is a new campaign initiated by the GenNex at the Persian Darbar who have decided to renew their vow to excellence and innovation with a marketing campaign pan Mumbai to promote the endeavours of Persian Darbar.

Mind Frame India, leading creative agency which has been part of several national and international brand launches have designed this campaign strategy.  EAT IT OR MISS IT – emphasises that the Haleem lovers will get this never before opportunity to indulge in the iconic dish only this Ramadan season or wait for the next season.

The campaign has gone live from May 1st 2019 in the digital space |In cinema |Moving media | Print and Outdoor.