Giving is not about making a donation – it’s about Making a Difference!’ –  is the mantra with the recently launched social media platform ‘CWAT, Charity with A Twist’.

This first of its kind social media platform dedicated to NGOs launched its rather nouveau concept in a celebratory event hosted in the western suburbs in Mumbai and opens for pre registrations to all.

It is an entertainment and messaging platform that donates 100% of its net profits to NGOs selected by the users and rewards them in return.

The CWAT App is a social business ecosystem that will generate continuous and sustained funds and promote business for NGOs in India.  The App has  features that would incentivize users emotionally and tangibly by viewing advertisements while helping a brand to reach its target audience.

The CWAT App has everyday usage features that smart phone users are in a habit of utilizing such as messaging and content viewing which will now be repurposed for Philanthropy.

The founders were inspired by Shri Aurobindo Ashram’s ecosystem in Pondicherry wherein, every aspect is in tandem with a benefit for all.

Jagrat Desai, shared, “We were inspired to create a technology and entertainment powered eco system that ensures a sustainable and continuous flow of funds to NGOs that work tirelessly towards the progress of India. The unique method of making the act of charity free, fun and rewarding is the reason why the app is called “Charity With A Twist”.

He continued “ The genesis of this thought process is to create a name and a sound that is unique and unbiased in such a way that everyone can relate with it. Hence CWAT! A sound that stands for the new age method of bringing progress in India.


Sharing his experience, Founder Harshit Desai said, “The CWAT App provides a unique opportunity for users to be able to do charity without spending a single rupee from their pockets. The CWAT app lets its users raise funds for their favourite NGOs while watching fun content or by chatting with their friends, family and interest based groups. The CWAT App also rewards its users with amazing NGO products and medical services against the donations they raise by viewing ads as 100% of the net profits generated by CWAT are donated to NGOs.”

The more users the CWAT App has, the more funds it will donate to the NGOs selected by the users – a interesting thought indeed !

With curated talks by celebrities and Musical Performances by top musicians, the event was graced by Jaaved Jaaferi, The Meet Bros., DJ Aqueel, Ashmit Patel, Prajakta Shukre, Shruti Patak, Ritu David, Meenal Jain, Aanchal Shrivastava and many other renowned celebrities from the entertainment industry.