MDM-3858 (Large) (1)The book launch of the political narrative CUT: The Life and Death of a Theatre Activist over the weekend, was the talk of the town as it brought together diverse ideas and opinions about how rules and regulations are observed in the current world.

The launch set up the framework to talk about CUT and how it was inspired to culminate into an opinion about the ongoing norms and the characters that breathed life into the story.

When asked about the inspiration behind CUT, author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu says, “The body lying unclaimed in the Bombay Hospital morgue. His ex-wife, his fans, all speaking different truths. Also, I wanted to create a play where the protagonist is never seen in person. If you read CUT, you will see that Amitabh is resurrected only through voices by people he knew”.

Published by Bloomsbury, the CUT book launch was attended by writer, director and panelist for the launch, Vinta Nanda who spoke about the book and the manifestation of plot that was intriguing as well as highly fascinating.  She said, “I am very fascinated by the tapestry of the book and of the characters and I find that each one of them, whether it is Sarla, Amitava, RK, or Maya, all of them have a certain distinct quality which fits into the world that Sri has created and also, it doesn’t fit into the world. So that struggle that intrigues me, they are happily there but at the same time, they are just struggling to be there, so I just love CUT”.

The book launch was graced by celebrities Ananya Dutt, Dolly Thakur, Suzanne Bernert, Nisha Jamwal, Kamalika Guhathakuratha, Meghana Pant, Neelam Kumar and Nandita Puri with book reading sessions carried out by Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, Mona Ambegaonkar, and Joy Sengupta.

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The serene ambience at the Olive Bar & Kitchen and sublime beverages by Paul John added to the resplendence of the event, which was supported by Woodpecker Media, and brought together all book lovers and enthusiasts to celebrate the marvel of literature

The book on ‘urban Naxal’ CUT has received raving reviews for its persona and ability to conjure an ideation that truly makes it a cut above the rest. The event ended on a successful note, with the attendees having received a deep insight into the psyche of the story and invigorated by the panel discussion.