download (2)Schindler, a leading global provider of elevators, escalators and related services, exclusively introduces the ‘Elemental Series’ in India.

Blending seamlessly with the elements of nature and created keeping in mind, the fusion of classic and contemporary design options, Schindler’s Elemental Series – Schindler 3100 – Sienna, Alba, Aspen |Schindler 3300 – Magna, Mirage, Osmo, Prisma enhances and brings in vibrancy and glamour to your elevator design.

“We are pleased to introduce ‘Elemental Series’ by Schindler India, which strives to provide an impeccable service to our consumers with tangible benefits for everyone. The technology has become very popular among the consumers and industry and has numerous benefits which are user friendly.” said Vaibhav Pitale – Sr. Vice President, New Installation Business

The breathtaking features gives a new  lease of life with multiple options to choose from the Elemental Series designs for your elevator, making you feel at home, even before you get there.

200px-Logo-schindlerThe Elemental Series features: Schindler 3100

Sienna: A refined look with a hint of glamour gives a touch of exclusivity

Alba: A mix of subtle colours creates a calming aura, classic yet modern

Aspen: Rich hues bring an air of sophistication and elegance which gives a timeless look

Schindler 3300

Magna: An amalgamation of Earth and Metal brings about a warm and inviting look that is distinctly luxurious

Mirage: A vision to behold, get mesmerized by the captivating look which changes with perspective

Osmo: A blend of lustre and subtlety brings an aura of grandeur

Prisma: Ultra-modern yet grounded, a new meaning to vibrancy with a contemporary look