What started as a one-month fling has turned into a year-long affair. To bring Bangalore’s distinct South-Indian flavor to Mumbai as a regular, Toit Mumbai has integrated Bangalore’s ‘The Permit Room’ Thalis in their standard menu.

With four uniquely authentic signature thalis namely ‘The Veg Thali’, ‘The Chicken Thali’, ‘The Seafood Thali’ and ‘The All Meat Thali’, TOIT is offering palate-pleasing dishes like Chilli Cheese Bhajji’, ‘Ghee Roast Prawn’, ‘Goan Fish Curry’, ‘Okra Podi Chips’, ‘Gongura Chicken Winglets’, ‘Haleem Samosa’ to name a few.


Toit aims to give food-lovers a taste of modernized traditional flavors from the south to the west. The Thalis are a contemporary concoction of curated age-old signatures that walk a tightrope between quality, palate, and relevance.

‘The Permit Room’ holds in high regard marrying the simplicity of ubiquitous ingredients with the complexity of ancient cooking making it desirable to gastronomes irrespective of global boundaries.

Head on over to Toit Mumbai to try the best of the best thalis with your foodie friends and savor the cultural mish-mash on a plate.