mirzayeYoung, multi-talented singer, song writer, radio jockey and a mimicry artist Ved Sharma launches his latest love track Mirzaye with VYRL Originals. This is Ved’s second release with VYRL Originals after the success of his first single – Heer.

With a promising run in Bollywood Playback and the non-film music space, Ved Sharma has excelled as a budding artist and created a differentiated space for himself. His new track Mirzaye is all about the feeling of falling in love and going all out to surprise your beloved.

The track displays Ved’s romantic side, which is beautifully written by Kunaal Vermaa and produced by Aditya Dev.

This track showcases the desire of a guy to express his love and the sweetest surprise proposal that he plans with her besties. The scenic locations and visuals make you fall in love all over again.

The acclaimed choreographer turned director Adil Shaikh has shot this video in the Land of Smiles ‘Thailand’. Ved Sharma is seen travelling from one place to another following his love to reach a destination where he finally proposes to her.

Speaking about the track, VED Sharma, shares, “Mirzaye is very close to my heart. While I thoroughly enjoyed singing the track, shooting it was even more fun. The sweet twists in the plot, the picturesque locations, the BFFs who make the couple meet, all complimented the song beautifully and made me fall in love with the track all over again.

Speaking about the track, Vinit Thakkar, Senior Vice President of Universal Music Group India & South Asia shares, “Ved is a gifted and dedicated artist and with every new track, he creates new benchmarks for himself. While his debut single – Heer was a great track that garnered love across audiences, Mirzaye leaves no stone unturned to place itself in the hearts of the youth and fill them up with love.”

Mirzaye is available on all streaming platforms 14th March onwards.

VYRL Originals is EMI Music India’s latest music property created to promote independent non-film music. This unique property is once again led by noted film director Mohit Suri – known for his excellent taste in music. Mohit will be curating every aspect of each track that is being produced. Right from the composers, lyricists to the singers, each of them have been carefully worked on and handpicked by the director himself.

The sound will be in line with contemporary Bollywood music with great production values, albeit without the canvass of a film. The tracks under VYRL Originals will be launched simultaneously across every streaming service – in India as well as Globally