IMGL0242Love is rejoicing about sweet memories created with your loved ones, and what can say it better than the most delectable dishes specially curated for this day by cupid himself… Well almost true! After all that’s the role these expert chefs play in creating the most decadent dishes for the upcoming V-Day celebrations.  

Handcrafted by celebrity chef and delivered right at your doorstep, these dishes will make you fall in love again whether its your bff or that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat, you can find a reason AND a way to celebrate the occasion of True Love with

So if you have a Valentine dinner planned to pamper your special someone, go ahead and order from the array of choice available on   Taste the twisted flavours of love and bite into cravings with their Valentine’s Day menu and make every moment unforgettable.  Here’s a list of some of their sinful pleasures which include…

unnamed (2)Love cookie stick: Chocolaty candy sticks with the magic of crispy cookies dipped in strawberry flavoured chocolate and dunked in pure smooth chooooocolate.

Assorted chocolate pops in a jar: An exclusive collection of caramel loaded chocolate pops and red velvet pops embedded with pistachio slivers and red velvet granola crumble for the perfect feel.

IMGL0269Don’t break my Heart” cookie: A pure chocolate heart with lots of candy sugar, drops of chocolate heaven, showers of heart..all to share…don’t break it!!

 Orange and vanilla Valentine tea cake: A pulpy orange and vanilla tea cake with an element of surprise….. “Rich Red velvet cake hearts” to be shared in each slice!!

IMGL0245Red velvet Granola in a jar: A beautiful combination of slow baked oats, almonds, nuts and millet folded in red velvet crumble, honey and jaggery topped with our little Valentine hearts!!

Love Scrabble Cookie: Let us spell it out this season for making it memorable… with cookies!! A unique jar with the magic words and taste!! A collection of premium dark and white chocolate cookies topped with assorted candies!

unnamed (1)Saffron smoothie Bowl (Valentine): A yoghurt bowl with saffron cream layered with tropical fruits and topped with fresh strawberries and Specialty of the house red velvet crumble!!

Vanilla smoothie bowl (Valentine): A creamy yoghurt bowl flavoured with Maple syrup layered with tropical fruits and topped with fresh strawberries and Home baked red velvet crumble!

and last but not the least….


IMGL0301Valentine Hearts in a Jar: A dessert to share, The perfect candy jar…a layer of soft jelly combined with dark smooth brownie engulfed in dark and white chocolate. Find your hidden flavour in jar(orange, mango, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, lemon, many more)

Go ahead and indulge your heart with a freshmenu dessert to sum up your feelings.