Radhika Apte Unveils Noya Collection at Rivana Gold and Diamonds (1) (1)Mumbai based couture jewellery house Rivana Gold & Diamond launches ‘Noya’ a diamond collection for the upcoming season.

The edition was unveiled at the Rivana Outlet by Radhika Apte and Vaishali Shah, Director, Rivana. The unveiling was witnessed by influencers, fashion fraternity, jewellery connoisseurs and the loyalists of the brand who showered Noya with much adulation for its impeccable craftsmanship and thought-provoking designs.

Noya in Hebrew means the “beauty of God “ and is also derived from the Hindi word Naya meaning “New, Fresh”. Noya by Rivana, therefore, is a fresh diamond edition that personifies divine beauty.

The collection showcases long earrings and broad bracelets which are crafted in the beautiful setting of white gold and rose gold with fine cut diamonds of various cuts and sizes. The brand captures the essence of today’s woman with statement necklaces which are feminine, flirtatious and glamorous.  The dainty floral and waterfall motifs are encased into the jewellery giving it the must-have status for any red carpet affair or a must have at any elegant gathering.

Stunning Radhika Apte Launches NOYA by Rivana Gold & Diamonds (1) (1)Our goal is to make couture jewellery accessible to our loyalists and Noya is yet another step towards the same. While curating this selection, Radhika Apte was the only person we had in mind as she represents the millennial.  With a multi-talented personality, she stands out for her hard work, confidence, and beauty – making her a one of kind as we aspire for our jewellery,’ said Vaishali Shah, Director, Rivana.

I am glad to be a part of Rivana Gold & Diamond’s Collection Launch. I personally love diamonds and I loved the artistic collection from Noya.  The pieces are a delight to wear and are extremely light and breathable,’ said actor and guest of honor, Radhika Apte.