Karthik Aryan.jpgThe popular deo, Park Avenue, has signed Kartik Aaryan as their new face of Park Avenue Deos.

The brand was looking for someone who can easily have a great connect with its target audience and they found a perfect match in the young heartthrob of the nation, Kartik Aaryan. Kartik is not just popular amongst the females but also amidst the males. His bromantic act on screen has always made him crowds’ favourite.

Kartik’s commercial which is now on air was shot in Bangkok. A good fragrance is surely a turn on and well now the girls have now more reasons to be attracted towards him.

The advertising world seems to acknowledge Kartik’s increasing brand value and charisma audience has towards his youthful personaliy and he is basking in it.

TWEET : Heartthrob Kartik Aaryan is now the brand ambassador of a popular deodorant #ParkAvenue.https://twitter.com/theaaryankartik/status/1004685100687216640?lang=en