What’s an Infuser Bottle ?

For quite some time now, my  interest have been piqued by  these colourful water bottles doing the rounds in most home and kitchen stores online and offline.  They called the infuser water bottles.

Infuser Water Bottles are specially designed for infusing fruits with water. Most infuser water bottles come with separate chambers to hold the fruit, vegetable, herb in it.  Every bottle follows the same mechanism. All you have to do is chop up some fruits, toss them inside the bottle and enjoy the goodness of a healthy, refreshing and sugar-free drink, packed with minerals and vitamins.

This water also called as detox water, fruit flavoured water or fruit infuser water are simply amazing, besides being a great detox it also helps in weight loss.

Weight Loss? Really !!!

If you trying to lose weight, you must have already read about the benefits of drinking water for weight loss.  According to experts drinking eight glasses of water can aid in burning fat and also increase the rate of metabolism.  However, gulping down that many tasteless glasses of water every day never appeals to anyone.  Plain water is boring and often tempts people to reach out for other aerated drinks instead.

Luckily, these infuser water bottles are a great boon to those who looking to introduce healthy  lifestyle habits.  These simple infused water recipes are inexpensive, have almost zero calories, and taste great too!  They make a powerful tool in your efforts to lose weight the right way and gain some great health benefits.

You can have this water on the go at any time of the day and it will only just make drinking water all the more refreshing as the benefits of the fruit last for a longer period of time.

Why Should You Buy An Infuser Water Bottle?

It’s by far the best way to increase your water intake, it acts as a detox, and provides in numerous health benefits which can only lead to a healthy lifestyle.  All natural benefits packed in the fruit, vegetable, herb that the infused water holds passes through the water and can only benefit the body.

You can sip on the fruit infused water all day long and feel deliciously hydrated.   So no more aerated drinks for the people who don’t like the taste of plain water. Infused water to the rescue for all.

There are many health benefits Infused water offers, a few of them being;

  • It tastes good.
  • Cleanses your system and helps detoxify.
  • Helps boost your metabolism.
  • Fills you up so that you do not have these food cravings and avoid junk food.
  • The benefit of the infused vegetables, fruits and herbs give you the additional health benefit.
  • Keeps you pepped up and less lethargic throughout the day
  • Infused water give you the boost of energy required for burning calories It is a known fact that water intake aids weight loss and drinking plenty of water can only enhance the health benefits and help in weight loss.


For a healthy and happy you, drink more water and lose weight the effective way.

You can buy your infuser bottles online either on Amazon or Flipkart.  Closer to home, my personal favourites are browsing the home section at Beautiful, Lokhandwala or Alpha store no.#3 at Irla, Vile Parle.  Here you will get to see a huge array of the fanciest and trending items.