Hemendu Sinha, Business Head, B2B, LG Electronics IndiaHemendu Sinha, Business Head, B2B, LG Electronics India

LG Electronics India recently concluded a B2B event in Mumbai titled Grand Tech Seminar.

Themed ‘Tech of the town- the biggest confluence of LG’s best display solutions’, the two-day event showcased a wide range of LG’s flagship B2B products including the 88 Ultra Stretch Signage, High Brightness Video Wall, Interactive Digital Board, OLED Wallpaper Signage and Hotel TV, and STB built-in TV with a CAM Card among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hemendu Sinha, Business Head, B2B, LG Electronics India said: ‘’At LG, Almost without exception, we exhibit a spirit, pride and pursuit of excellence by delivering the best of innovation and technology solutions to our customers, and B2B customers are no exception. A B2B seminar is a unique event that provides us with an opportunity to connect directly with our partners and important business segments.

“Moreover, they get to experience the products and the underlying technology that cater to their evolving and highly specific needs. For example, a number of attendees at this year’s event found our digital signage as an effective customer touch point.”

Products and solutions that were on display at the event include:

The 88 Ultra Stretch Signage is a totally new signage format with 32:9 widescreen with Ultra HD resolution. It can display eye-catching content dynamically, utilizing existing spaces and maximizing the interior effects thanks to its unique ratio.

The High Brightness Video Wall has been applied in various locations to attract passerby and deliver advertisements. This product boasts of delivering extremely clear images with color that remains vivid, even in very bright environments.

The Interactive Digital Board provides the most advanced touch technology that enables intuitive and precise touch responses. Powered by the IDB app, it enhances the optimized wok-flow for efficient collaboration.

The OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV is surprisingly slim, light and space-saving. This product provides an exceptional user experience with its infinite contrast ratio and perfect viewing screen as well as gives a premium look to the space, owing to its “picture-on-wall” design. It supports the premier hotel solutions with the guest in mind, using LG’s innovative OLED Technology, offering the guests an unparalleled TV viewing experience.

The OLED Wallpaper Signage is surprisingly slim, light and space saving. It provides an extraordinary customer experience as well as upgrading the space when installed in premium locations. It can be used as a video wall by easily attaching it to a wall with a magnetic mat.

The STB built-in TV with a CAM Card is equipped both with a CAM card, which enables integrations on all STB functions. It has the perfect picture quality as the product possesses a 4K CAM card directly connected to the TV. It is specially designed for hotels as they can manage more easily with fewer devices and less power consumption.

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of LG Electronics, South Korea was established in January 1997 in India. It is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, IT hardware and mobile communications space.

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