Shekhar Suman is known for his versatility as an actor, director and of course perhaps India’s most successful talk show host.  Soon after he announced his next directorial venture ‘Patharbaaz’ Shekhar Suman will be seen talking elections. Suman will be on ABP news anchoring one of their most popular election shows ‘Poll Khol’.

Speaking on his comeback to political hot talk, Suman said, “I enjoy politics and I think Indians are highly involved in the political process. Movers and Shakers had caused many ripples back then when we got politicians to open up. I believe adding some humor and satire to political debate shows just makes them that much sharper. Looking forward to Poll Khol.”

Poll Khol is an iconic show that started in 2004 on Star News, now known as ABP News, during the general elections. It was the first of its kind of political expose in a satirical genre and Shekhar Suman, who had acquired a cult status with his path breaking and immensely popular show Movers and Shakers, became the unanimous choice to spearhead it. It’s strong and hard hitting content had made it an instant success and what was originally meant to be a 45-day stint became the longest running entertainment show on a news channel. The show ran for 5 years without a break.

Shekhar will now have the very important and crucial state elections in Gujarat in focus.